Vehicle Trade-In Appraisal from INFINITI OF DENVER

Within today’s environment, getting your car appraised has become a bit more challenging. Because of that, the new norm has encouraged our team to develop more convenient processes and resources so you can complete your vehicle trade-in appraisal without having to juggle schedules and arrange meetings. At INFINITI OF DENVER, we would like to maintain social distancing while still helping you sell or trade in your car. We know that the world doesn’t stop despite uncertain circumstances, so when you and your family need a new vehicle, our experienced team at INFINITI OF DENVER is here to make the trade-in process smooth and simple.

The New INFINITI Self-Appraisal Form

While a professional vehicle appraisal offers the most accurate value estimate, a self-appraisal is the next best thing. Many factors can affect a car’s value, including make, model, age, wear and tear, body damage, maintenance, and other optional features. You know your vehicle best, so providing a detailed self-appraisal will allow our team to evaluate the status of your vehicle in determining its trade-in value. There is a lot to look for to ensure that you get an accurate estimate, so we have provided our clients with a convenient form that will help you start the process of trading in your car, truck, or SUV in a safe environment.

Click the link to download the interactive PDF.

And when completed, email the document to your sales rep or send it directly to our Internet Manager at [email protected].

From there, our sales team will evaluate the appraisal details and will be in touch soon after to discuss your options for a vehicle trade-in or sale. With years of industry experience and a vast selection of new and used vehicles, the INFINITI OF DENVER dealership will guide you through the next steps, so you can feel confident selling your vehicle, and, if desired, finding the perfect new car to fit your lifestyle.

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