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Benefits of Dealer Financing

When buying a car you have two options: pay cash upfront or finance it with a loan and pay monthly. Financing is the more common route and more than 61% of new car financing is done through the manufacturer or dealership. There are several benefits of financing a car – including helping you to establish credit, budget your payment monthly, and even increase your yearly returns with tax deductions – and dealer financing is even more beneficial.

Benefits of Dealer Financing

With dealer financing, you’re offered a wide range of incentives like 1.9% financing or dealership-specific rebates that can’t be found elsewhere. 1.9% financing essentially means you pay interest on your car loan, and while it isn’t free money as some people call it, it’s about as close as you can get. Low financing can save you thousands in interest charges, which ultimately lowers the cost of your vehicle, highlighting one of the many benefits of financing a car through an auto dealer. The term “rebates” refers to a variety of financial incentives a dealership may offer. A rebate could be a cash discount, usually applied to your down payment. You could look at this as lowering the price of your vehicle upfront or putting cash in your pocket. Rebates are not at banks or credit unions.

Additionally, dealer financing allows you to get the benefit of a one-stop shopping experience, getting your car and financing it in the same place. You won’t have to worry about searching all over to get your car financed– you can arrive at the dealership and drive away with your new car. Financing your car at INFINITI OF DENVER is not only accessible and convenient, but our friendly finance managers will ensure you are offered the best finance rate you qualify for.

These are just some of the many benefits of financing a car through a dealership and INFINITI OF DENVER would love to see what we can do for. We offer a payment calculator so you can estimate your buying power and potential monthly payments, and we’ll work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction so you can experience the great benefits of dealer financing. Contact one of our sales experts, browse our latest INFINITI models online, or try our free INFINITI credit application today!

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