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Celebrating 25 years at INFINITI OF DENVER

What started out as a requirement to get a job in her East High school class, has accumulated  into a 42- year career in the auto business.  Sharon Nelson, our AP/AR Manager, is celebrating her 25 years with INFINITI OF DENVER.  Nelson has been worked in almost every department including parts & service and currently, the office department.  Because of her vast knowledge of each department, she has been instrumental to the success of INFINITI OF DENVER.  “I like working here.  There are nice people and it is a great place to work”, said Nelson.

Nelson believes in the last 25 years there has been significant changes in the industry including starting with hand-printed ledgers to computers and the fluctuations of car sales & processes.  But, Nelson rolls with the changes with ease.  INFINITI OF DENVER is lucky have Sharon as a part of the team.

“She is a wonderful, loyal, and dedicated employee who has devoted a great deal of her time and energy to INFINITI OF DENVER .  If she doesn’t know the answer, then there isn’t one”  stated Chris Smith, owner of INFINITI OF DENVER.  “Her contributions to the company are greatly appreciated.”


Congrats Sharon on your 25th Anniversary!

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