INFINITI Lease Return Process – Returning a Leased Vehicle



INFINITI Lease Return Process

For some customers, returning a leased vehicle can be a confusing, arduous process. However, with a little advanced planning and preparation, it is a simple, relatively quick and painless process. The INFINITI lease return process includes some best practices to ensure a smooth, hassle free return of your leased vehicle.

  • Be familiar with your contract terms. Turning a car in late, early, over miles or to a different manufacturer can lead to problems.
  • Have the vehicle reconditioned if necessary. Fix a broken windshield, replace bald tires and have body work that would necessitate an insurance claim repaired. Minor scratches, scrapes, etc. are allowed and expected, as covered in the wear and tear section of your lease contract.
  • Contact the inspection service prior to returning the leased vehicle. An independent inspector will come to your home or office and do an inspection of your lease return. They will provide you with the results of the inspection shorty after it is complete, if not immediately. If you are present for the inspection, there will be no surprises and you can fix any damage prior to turning the vehicle back into the dealer.
  • Call the dealer to schedule a time to return your lease. Dealers are unpredictably busy. Walking into a busy showroom waiting to be helped with your lease return is frustrating and can be a lengthy process. By calling ahead, the dealer will be expecting you and be prepared with your information. Upon arrival, the entire process should take you no more than 10 minutes. You will be required to sign a termination form with current mileage and keys, that is all.
  • Within 2-4 weeks, you will receive a final lease return statement. This statement will reflect any final charges, including mileage penalties, excess wear and tear, unpaid lease payments, and disposition fees; if applicable. If there is a fee that you do not agree with or would like to contend, contact the lease return department. The phone number will be clearly printed on your statement. Do not contact the dealership, as they have no ability to negotiate or fix errors on lease return statements.

Contact the INFINITI team with your lease return questions. Our experienced finance department will support you through each step of the process.

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