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Best INFINITI Road Trip Cars

Best Road Trip CarsThere’s something nostalgic and thrilling all at once about the idea of a road trip, especially as far too many people across the country are limiting their dreams of the open road to wishful thinking for the time being.

To support all of the wanderlust that’s being deferred to a later date, we’ve compiled a list of some of INFINITI’s best road trip cars available, including our favorite cross country SUVs and Crossovers, so you can be prepared once you’re able to hit the road and travel freely.



One of the newest INFINITI Crossovers to hit the market, the 2020 QX50 brings all of the infotainment innovations you would expect from a brand new car (and yearn for during a long road trip), plus practical features that make it an excellent choice for long hauls. Not to mention, since the QX50 is brand new, it will come with the added comfort of a warranty, providing unparalleled peace of mind.

Earning an impressive 29 mpg on the highway, you could take the 2020 QX50 Crossover across the country without spending a fortune, but its spacious design, panoramic power moonroof, heated seats, and automatic braking will still have you feeling as if you’re leading a life of luxury during your next road trip.



If INFINITI SUVs are more your style, then the new QX80 will blow you away with its style and power. Whether you’re looking to bring your entire family along for a weekend road trip, haul a small trailer across a few states, or take a cross country tour from the comfort of your luxury SUV, the QX80 is the answer.

The 5.6-liter V8 engine of this SUV can generate up to 400 horsepower, so there are virtually no limits to the activities you can complete during your road trip with the QX80. All that power is complemented by an incredibly stylish (and roomy) interior, so you’ll stay comfortable no matter how far you plan on trekking.



Another crossover in the lineup, this may be the best INFINITI for a road trip if you’re a family looking to blend practicality and comfort with style and function. Not only does the QX60 feature three rows of seating, making it an amazing option for comfortably transporting groups with children, but it also comes with emergency braking and backup collision intervention for a wholly safe environment.

In addition to boasting a comfortable and protected environment, the QX60 also incredibly sleek. For groups who don’t want to compromise on aesthetics but do want to feel assured that their vehicles will keep them safe no matter how long their road trip takes, the QX60 is a perfect road trip car.


Explore our Selection of Cross Country SUVs and Crossovers Today!

Though it’s hard to know precisely when you’ll be able to take your next road trip, INFINITI OF DENVER is here to make sure you’re prepared with the best possible road trip vehicle available when the time comes—we’re confident it will be here sooner than you think.

Our convenient Buy from Home options make it easy to pick out your perfect road trip car, so don’t wait—shop our selection today and start planning your next trip now.

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