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Cutting Edge Vehicle Technology

Car Technology from Past to Future

Not long ago, cars were simple machines.  There was even a time when automobiles were built without seat belts and safety glass, yet higher speeds and heavier vehicles determined that cars needed better safety features.

Cutting Edge Vehicle TechnologyOver time, however, engineers realized that building bigger, heavier cars was not the answer.  Safety equipment needed to advance to the point where our fragile selves could survive impacts, collisions, and general hazards of the road with the assistance of technology.  Airbags, collision zones, and even backup warning sensors evolved into a pairing of driver and machine.


INFINITI OF DENVER has the cars of the future with cutting edge vehicle technology that will improve your safety as well as your driving experience.

The future is now

We don't have flying cars...yet, but we do have cars that improve driver performance in many ways.  Especially with safety and navigation.  Here are just a few of the ways that INFINITI is incorporating future car technology into our 2020 lineup:

  • Forward Emergency Braking with pedestrian detection: Your vehicle constantly monitors what is up ahead, giving you plenty of advanced warning and room to begin braking in the event of a possible collision.  The advanced technology detects risk of vehicle and pedestrian collision to ensure braking long before an impact.
  • Backup Collision Intervention: Driving in reverse creates an additional set of risks as your line of vision is impaired. With INFINITI OF DENVER’s Backup Collision Intervention, an INFINITI Safety Shield® system heightens your awareness, expanding your line of vision, bringing potential risks to your attention, and even applying the brakes if impact is imminent.
  • Direct Adaptive Steering: Unprecedent engineering filters unwanted bumps and vibrations to smooth out your drive. The advanced Direct Adaptive Steering technology makes thousands of adjustments per second to enhance vehicle handling and precision.
  • Active Lane Control: The advanced Active Lane Control technology evaluates upcoming lane markers, changes in road patterns and textures, and crosswinds to make automatic adjustments to your steering for a steady drive regardless of what’s ahead.
  • Available Around View monitor with moving object detection: This device gives you a panoramic view of what is around your vehicle, allowing you to escape the tunnel vision that contributes to side and blind spot collisions in other vehicles with a virtual 360 degree perspective.
  • Intelligent Park Assist: Parallel parking is tricky and can be dangerous in high traffic areas. The Intelligent Park Assist feature ensures your safety with sensors that measure the parking space size and advanced technology to steer the vehicle precisely into its designated area.

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INFINITI is always reaching for the future of car technology and the limits of vehicle luxury.  Learn more about these advanced vehicle features and unprecedented INFINITI technology, or talk with one of our associates the next time you are visiting INFINITI OF DENVER to learn more about the exciting changes coming your way from INFINITI.


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