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INFINITI In the Snow

INFINITI Snow ModeAs your local Denver INFINITI dealership, we know that Colorado is no stranger to snowy and icy conditions. But with the advanced, modern features of the INFINITI lineup, you can stay safe in winter weather conditions. Learn more below or contact INFINITI OF DENVER now to explore our advanced luxury vehicles online or in person.


Many of our INFINITI models, like the 2021 INFINITI Q50 and the 2020 INFINITI QX60, are equipped with drive mode personalization options that allow you to optimize your drive according to the environmental conditions and driving preferences. The customizable selections elevate vehicle performance with adjustments to engine and transmission outputs, efficiency ratios, and steering ratios and force settings.

Among these selections is INFINITI’s unparalleled Snow Mode. When you utilize this option in snowy conditions, the assistive technology modifies your engine output to reduce wheel spin on slippery roads, modifying the throttle to cater to the wintery conditions for smoother performance and enhanced safety. In this mode, your INFINITI will be more responsive in the snow, and will have a less aggressive throttle profile.

In addition, INFINITI’s Snow Mode contributes to the AWD on your vehicle by closely monitoring wheel spin sensors and adjusting power delivery to improve handling.


All-Wheel Drive

Even without the Snow Mode, INFINITI AWD uses adaptive sensors and algorithms to optimize power delivery to the wheels, sending up to 50% of the front wheels when conditions are less-than-optimal. This is done automatically, and when conditions are optimal, 100% of power is automatically sent to the rear wheels to enhance on-road performance.

Pair the efficient All Wheel Drive settings with winter tires from INFINITI OF DENVER and our aggressive braking profile, and your vehicle will offer better overall snow handling with enhance traction and on-road performance.


INFINITI Vehicle Safety Standards

INFINITI’s Predictive Forward Collision Warning system monitors the velocity of your car, as well as the distance of the vehicles that are directly ahead of you. Predictive Forward Collision Warning technology sends both audio and visual alerts to the driver when a sudden movement or change is detected, ensuring you can respond quickly to any on-road dangers in inclement weather.

Not only that, but Forward Emergency Braking works in concert with Predictive Forward Collision Warning from INFINITI to automatically brake if you do not respond to alerts quickly.

Plus, winter weather won’t impede your visibility as your INFINITI navigates easily in the snow with High Beam Assist headlight technology and an INFINITI World's First Technology, the available Around View® Monitor system.


Explore INFINITI Safety Features In More Detail At INFINITI OF DENVER

At INFINITI OF DENVER, we have the latest INFINITI models, and all of our vehicles have advanced safety features that provide you with the control you need when the Denver weather turns nasty. So don’t wait – explore your options in more detail at INFINITI OF DENVER.


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