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Summer Driving Tips from INFINITI OF DENVER

Summer is nearly here in Denver, and that means driving season is upon us. But before you go tearing through the Rockies or set out on your next long road trip, make sure you consider these summer driving tips from INFINITI OF DENVER.

  1. Plan Ahead for Severe Weather

Check the forecast. Colorado can have severe summer weather like heavy rain, hail, and the occasional snow shower. Remain vigilant about road conditions and visibility, and plan ahead when possible.

  1. Keep Your Speed Under Control

A lead foot is bad news. You could get a ticket, and speeding increases the risk of an accident. So stay under the speed limit, and consider using cruise control to “set and forget” your speed during long highway trips.

  1. Always Use a Designated Driver if Drinking!

Never get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking. Use a designated driver to keep the fun rolling all summer long!

  1. Buckle Up to Stay Safe & Avoid Tickets

If you don’t buckle your seatbelt in Colorado, you could get a ticket – and you have a much higher risk of dying in an accident. Make sure you and all your passengers are properly secured and buckled at all times.

  1. Keep Your Eyes on The Road & Avoid Distractions

Yes, the Rockies are gorgeous – but don’t spend too much time drinking in the great view of Colorado. Stay focused on the road and the drivers around you, particularly when you’re in winding, mountainous areas.

  1. Limit Cell Phone Use

Similar to the point above, it is important to stay off your phone while driving. Texting, tweeting, and talking are all hazardous to your focus behind the wheel, and it only takes a second to make a driving error that could hinder your passengers’ and your safety.

  1. Maintain Your Car Before Your Next Road Trip

Make sure your tires are in good shape, change your oil, repair your brakes – long summer drives mean that you need to be more diligent about your car’s maintenance. Take it into the shop for a little TLC.

  1. Check Your Fluid Levels

The summer heat makes overheating a real possibility. It’s a good idea to check your fluid levels, particularly your coolant, before heading out on a long drive. In fact, it’s an even better idea to service your vehicle before your next trip to prevent any unwanted surprises.

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We hope these summer driving tips will keep you safe on the road. And if you’re ready to upgrade to a new or used INFINITI, we’re here to help at INFINITI OF DENVER.

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