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Our Favorite INFINITIS To Drive In The Summertime

With our beautiful summers that we're lucky to get in Colorado, you have to drive the perfect car to go along with the great weather. Although all of our INFINITIS are excellent to drive, there are a few that are especially fun to drive in the summertime. Whether it be the body style or the amount of horsepower the vehicle has, here are a few of our favorite INFINITIS to drive during the summer.

The Q60 Coupe

Everyone could probably assume this is a no-brainier since it's always fun to ride in a coupe in beautiful warm weather, but there really is something special about driving a luxurious, fast car on a gorgeous day through the mountains of Colorado. Inside the hood of the Q60 lives the award winning 3.0 liter twin-turbo V6 Engine, and the car generally runs at 300 horsepower. If you want to kick it up a notch, you should take the Q60 Red Sport out for a test drive. The Red Sport has the same engine as the regular coupe but with 400 horsepower, so it's quite the fun car to take out for a spin. Acceleration is instant and feels limitless and it is definitely one of the most comfortable coupes on the market, moving the seats at just the push of a button. Both coupes also have the option to come with a sunroof so you can really enjoy that summer breeze! For more research on the 2019 coupe, click here.


The Q50

If you're looking for a vehicle that's a little more spacious than the coupe but not quite an SUV, the Q50 is the INFINITI for you! This 4 door sedan is one of our most popular vehicles and has a sleek and sporty feel to it. For the standard Q50, it runs at around 200 horsepower and just as most of our vehicles, it also has the famous V6 twin-turbo engine. If you're wanting to up the torque, try out the Q50 Red Sport, running at 400 horsepower. Some of the features in the Q50 include Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, 26 highway miles per gallon, and the Dynamic Digital Suspension. On top of these key features and the many other safety features the Q50 provides, you also get an immense amount of cargo space. As a matter of fact, if you and a friend want to go golfing this summer, you both can fit your golf bags in the trunk! Overall, the Q50 is an excellent choice and one of the most luxurious and sportiest sedans on the market. To learn more about the all new Q50, click here.


The QX50 

The 2019 QX50 is generally a great car to have year round and is probably the most popular car we sell. There is tons of storage space, lots of safety features, and plenty of new technologies embedded in the car. If so equipped, you even have the option to have Heads Up Display, which projects a semi-transparent readout of key information onto the lower windshield. Another great feature in the new QX50 is the ProPilot Assist, which helps keep the QX50 centered in its lane and a set distance from the traffic in front of you, even around curves. Although this car is great to have in the winter due to the Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, because of its sleek look and all of its unique features this is also a great car to ride around in all summer long. You will also be wow-ed at how large the sun-roof is, almost stretching to the back of the car, which is perfect for letting in those warm summer breezes. If you would like to learn more about the all new QX50, click here.


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