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INFINITI OF DENVER’s Valet Program is making National News

INFINITI OF DENVER's pickup and delivery program for service customers has gained national attention from Automotive News this week. What began as a way to add value and convenience for their customers, has become wildly successful for this family-run dealership.

INFINITI OF DENVER launched Home By INFINITI OF DENVER in June 2020. Customers who use the complimentary valet program are more likely to get their safety issues fixed instead of putting them off for the next visit due to time constraints. They never have to step into the dealership, putting time back into their day.

INFINITI OF DENVER will pick up a customer's vehicle, service the vehicle and return the vehicle when service is complete. The service department can leave a loaner vehicle, but approximately 30% of the customers using the program don't need a loaner as most services can be completed in a day.

Although it is expensive & challenging for INFINITI OF DENVER, they believe it is the right thing to do for their luxury customers. The dealership is running about 19 valets a day servicing customer throughout the Colorado front range.

"The secret is out to INFINITI owners in Colorado as we have seen a tremendous success with Home By INFINITI OF DENVER. It is amazing how much our customers have embraced the program," said Chris Smith,owner.

If you haven't experienced our complimentary valet program, you can call INFINITI OF DENVER at 303-671-6000 or book online here. Learn more about Infiniti vehicles here!

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How Important is a Master Technician at Your Service Center?

The question should be, how comfortable are you trusting someone newly out of mechanic school using your luxury car as a learning experience?  It is essential to insist only a skilled ASE technician work on your vehicle.

While most dealers have 1 or 2 Master Technicians in their shop, INFINITI OF DENVER has 7 Certified Master Technicians, the most in Colorado, with over 140+ years of combined experience.  Why trust anything less for your vehicle’s care?  You wouldn’t see a medical student if you were sick, nor should your car.

A master technician is an automotive service professional who has earned all nine certifications offered through the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Program.  These areas of certification include electric systems, heating and air conditioning, engine performance, engine repair, transaxles, brakes & suspension, electrical systems and more.  All of our master technicians are also INFINITI Master Certified.  An INFINITI Master Technician means he has taken all the INFINITI brand specific training from the manufacturer to be a specialist with INFINITI maintenance and repairs.

There is a reason not all technicians are ASE-certified.   The exam is costly, time consuming & extremely challenging.  One third of test takers fail the test the first time they take it and it can take over 2 years to complete.  Once a technician does pass the tests and achieves ASE-certification, he must retest every five years to stayed abreast of changing technology.  Learn more about our Service Team here.

The fact a technician has spent the time & expense to further his education indicates he is serious about his trade. Simply put, ASE certification means you can be certain you are trusting your vehicle with a dealership who are experienced, knowledgeable repair experts.  



Come experience the difference with INFINITI OF DENVER.  Schedule your service today.

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