4 Great Places to Watch The Colorado Rockies in Denver



4 Great Places to Watch The Colorado Rockies in Denver

Coors Field Denver, CO Coors Field in Denver, CO

The Rockies are back in the MLB playoffs for a second year in a row and they already look stronger after a big win over the Cubs to make it out of the wild card round. After a screaming hot September where they outscored their opponents by nearly 60 runs, leading to a 19-9 record, there is serious hope for an exciting Rocktober here in Denver. Behind the powerful bat of Nolan Arenado, the arm of Kyle Freeland, and a roster on the roll, we can't wait to see how far they take it this year.


If you're as big of fans of the Rockies as we are here at INFINITI OF DENVER, then you'll know there is nothing quite like watching a game at Coor's Field. That being said, making it to the game isn't always an option. As a proud partner of the Colorado Rockies and member of the Denver community, we love showing support for our local teams and fellow local businesses. That's why we put together a list of some of our favorite places to watch a Rockies game around Denver!


  1. Blake Street Tavern

Located only 0.3 miles from Coors Field, this gigantic sports bar proudly touts having 65 HDTVs, three bars, an outdoor patio, and tons of games all creating the perfect spot to catch a game. If this sounds great to you, you're not alone. Over the years Blake Street Tavern has amassed a long list of awards, including Best Sports Bar for Food & Drink 2017 & 2018 and National Sports Bar of the Year in 2017! With entertainment at every turn, and a menu that puts other bar food to shame, it's easy to see why this has become a Denver hot spot for sports fans all throughout Denver. If you plan on making your way down to the Tavern, we highly recommend the nachos.


  1. Occidental

If big bars like the Blake Street Tavern aren't your scene or you're just looking for something a little different, Occidental is the place to go. With the definition of "counter-culture" proudly displayed on their website, it's easy to see that this bar set out to provide a unique experience for its patrons. With craft cocktails and high-quality snacks and entries, Occidental makes the perfect place for a more intimate game viewing option. Game day celebrations may include game day discounts and special menu items as well!


  1. Jackson's

Another hot spot nearly in homerun territory of Coors Field is Jackson's. From the moment you walk in, you can tell that Jackson's was built to provide a destination for Rockies fans. With 70 HD flat screens, the wide-open space with a central bar is perfect for game-time viewings. But Jackson's delivers on more than just a great game-time environment. Known for their burgers, both classic and creative, Jackson's puts in the extra effort to provide grub that will fuel you through the 9th inning.


  1. Homegrown Tap & Dough

Looking for a sports day destination for the whole family? Homegrown Tap and Dough offers both sit-down dining and a place at the bar, complete with HD TVs all around. With hand-tossed pasta and wood-fired pizza, Hometown offers an option for a different kind of gameday food. However, they still have an incredible gourmet burger menu and a wide selection of rare craft beers for a more traditional experience. With space to spare, a large open patio, and a vintage arcade game room, this sports restaurant is perfect for kids.


Whether you are looking for a large crowd to chant along with, a change of scenery, or a great place to take the family, there is something on this list for everyone... as long as you're cheering on the Rockies, of course!

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