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Fall in Love with these INFINITI Concept Cars

Vehicle Evolution

INFINITI is a company that, for years, has been known for quality and innovation.  We strive to evolve and adapt, incorporating customer insights, technology trends, and industry patterns.  The INFINITI designers meet at the crossroads of engineering and style, always bringing something new to the experience, to develop vehicles that our customers love, while inspiring the team to drive further and seek better.

From Concept to Reality

As we continue to accelerate into INFINITI’s future, our Concept Cars represent the directions our engineering may shift in decades to come. Explore models like the INFINITI INSPIRATION and other concept car variations below:

  • Feeling inspired?  Try the INFINITI QX INSPIRATION.  This vehicle was inspired by the elegance of Japanese lacquerware, with a rugged, yet intricate cross-over type frame, designed around the modern concept of reducing environmental impact with a clean-running, fully electric vehicle.
  • Inspiration strikes again! This INFINITI Q INSPIRATION is a sedan featuring auto-assistance driving capabilities, sleek aerodynamics, and an interior built around its human occupants for a pleasurable experience on the road. Pairing power with efficiency, the INFINITI Q INSPIRATION boasts the first VC-Turbo and award-winning design.
  • Reinventing the luxury SUV, the INFINITI QX80 MONOGRAPH offers next-generation quality and comfort with a new take on the INFINITI SUV design.  Travel in style with a sculptural SUV – rugged, angular, and commanding – that embodies purposeful artistry.
  • The future is a bold concept!  The INFINITI Q80 INSPIRATION, a futuristic four-door fastback with dramatic styling and a 550HP hybrid powertrain, is an exquisite, yet intimidating premium sedan with second-to-none technology and visionary performance capabilities.
  • The Project Black S is the fusion of Formula One and next-generation hybrid design.  Utilizing heat and braking to convert kinetic energy to more horses under the hood, the INFINITI BLACK S is a collaboration between INFINITI and Renault Sport, bringing power and performance back to INFINITI drivers.
  • The Prototype 10 is as eye-catching as it is mysterious. This futuristic vehicle, with its electrified, low-emissions powertrain, sleek lines, and aircraft fuselage-inspired body design, may as well be the car of the future.

From improvements on INFINITI cars we see on the road now, to our concept cars that are streaking off into the 21st Century, INFINITI rides the wave of innovation and design that our drivers love.  Stop by INFINITI OF DENVER to see what the future holds for you!


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