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Fall Color Drives in Colorado

Fall is well on its way, and with the changing of the seasons comes a colorful array of stunning foliage to behold. Fall in Colorado is a spectacular sight, and many feel the urge to hop in the car and take off on an adventure to see the beauty of nature unfold across our rocky landscape. Fall drives in Colorado are unmatched as miles or pavement stretch into the mountains to reveal colorful trees and expansive vistas. But the reds, oranges, and yellows are fleeting, so if you want to spend an afternoon meandering down the road in search of the best Colorado drives in Autumn, now is the time. Load up your INFINITI with road snacks and drinks and get out there before it’s too late!


Where to Enjoy the Best Colorado Drives in Autumn

Where to go for fall color drives in Colorado depends a little on when you’ll go. There are five different climate zones around the Denver area, so you can chase the fall colors from mid-September all the way until mid-November. Here are a few places to see throughout the fall season:

  • Rocky Mountain National Park. Tall aspen trees cover the land and provide a truly awesome bouquet of fall colors to enjoy, making this an annual favorite for fall color drives in Colorado. This drive is best taken from mid-September until early in October.
  • Guanella Pass. Climb higher into the mountains to an elevation of 11,670 feet and take the road between Georgetown and Grant to see the signature colors of call sweep down the adjacent mountains and across the pass before the end of September.
  • Lake Dillion. Until mid-October, load up your bikes and experience two types of fall drives in Colorado by heading up to 8,000 feet and exploring the 18-mile pathway that tours through the trees and provides majestic views of the lake and mountainous backdrop.
  • Golden Gate Canyon State Park. If you want to experience the best Denver drives in fall, a 45-minute drive from the city will take you to Golden Gate Canyon State Park where you can witness changing colors and panoramic mountain views throughout most of October.

Things to Know Before Embarking on Fall Color Drives in Colorado

Before you jump in the car and set off down the road in search of the best Colorado drives in Autumn, you should ensure that your vehicle is prepared for the journey with all regular maintenance in order. Venturing into the mountains, you’ll want the peace of mind of knowing that your vehicle is ready to take on the challenge and chauffeur you around in comfort and style. To make things a little easier during the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve made changes to our service options to provide you with safer options, such as home pick up and drop off service appointments, and we are ready to prepare your INFINITI for the road.

Find Your New Vehicle at INFINITI OF DENVER

Preparing for fall color drives in Colorado means ensuring that your vehicle is in proper condition and can accommodate your passengers comfortably. With our new purchasing options such as at-home test drives, equipping your family with a safe and stylish vehicle has never been easier, and now is the time to act before the snowy weather hits. Visit our showroom or shop our models online to learn more about INFINITI and see why INFINITI OF DENVER is the trusted choice for many families in the Denver area. Set an appointment today and our team will help you get ready to experience the best Colorado drives in Autumn.

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