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Changes to Car Buying with COVID-19

buy car onlineAs the whole world readjusts in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen evolving business practices creating glimmers of hope through the haze.

As we reopen our economy, we are pleased to announce that our showroom is open and our service department and online sales are still thriving. However, because our brand as a whole is dedicated to easing the burden placed on consumers by this virus, we are also providing At-home Purchases from INFINITI OF DENVER.

Buying A Car from Home Is Easier Than Ever

As it turns out, car buying and COVID-19 go together rather naturally. In fact, more than half of Americans have been open to the idea of buying cars exclusively from home for years; now that it’s a necessity, INFINITI OF DENVER is happy to oblige.

The INFINITI car buying process can now be completed about 99% from home—we utilize Zoom video conferencing, fill out the necessary paperwork digitally, and even deliver your new luxury vehicle anywhere in the state of Colorado for free.

INFINITI Is Committed to Your Financial Well-Being

With the unemployment rate startlingly high and many Americans worried about their financial futures, INFINITI aims to ease some of that burden through customer relief programs for those impacted by COVID-19.

Even if you aren’t a current INFINITI customer, our team has a variety of vehicle purchasing benefits despite the uncertainty of COVID-19. We know that life doesn’t always wait for opportune moments to throw you curveballs—you may find that you need a new car right in the middle of this global pandemic, or perhaps you finally have the time to sit down and pick the right vehicle for your needs with the extra time at home.

Whatever the case, INFINITI is also offering new car incentives and promotions as part of our COVID-19 response.

  • Right now, we are able to provide a 90-Day Deferred Payment Option on any new or Certified Pre-Owned INFINITI purchase financed with Special APR or Retailer Choice APR for qualified customers.
  • We are also offering three free lease payments on us – up to $2500!
  • We even offer a 0.00% financing on all 2020 models for a full 72 months on new INFINITI vehicle purchases!
  • Finally, for all 2015-2020 Certified Pre-Owned vehicle purchases, we are offering 0.99% APR for up to 60 months!

Utilize the INFINITI OF DENVER Car on Demand program so you can get your new car now, but enjoy a bit of breathing room before you have to begin making payments. After all, the whole world is in flux, and INFINITI wants to serve as a respite of calm in the turmoil.

Honoring Those on The Front Lines of The Crisis

While millions of Americans have been asked to work from home for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, medical personnel and other first responders do not have that option—their work is more vital than ever.

To offer our thanks in some small measure, INFINITI OF DENVER is offering all medical personnel and first responders 20% off service through the end of June so they can continue to perform their essential duties every day without worrying about transporting themselves safely.

Looking to The Future

As uncertain as these times feel, we will get through them together. For now, INFINITI is here to offer support in whatever ways possible. Discover just how easy it is to buy a new car online, and forget the world’s stresses for a while.

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