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Buying A Car In 2022

Buying A Car In 2021 Understanding The Factors Affecting The Market

If you’re interested in buying a car in 2022, you may have noticed that many dealerships are suffering from a shortage of stock, and that vehicle prices are on the rise overall. The auto industry trends seem to be steady with continued challenges as we continue through the year, so it’s important to take a look at the factors that are increasing the prices of both new and used vehicles.


Chip Shortages

Modern cars are full of tiny computer chips or “microprocessors,” that are responsible for a wide variety of tasks – from operating the car’s radio to monitoring fuel injection, traction control, and more.

Unfortunately, a massive chip shortage is currently in progress, and is expected to last until the end of 2022. What this means is that microprocessor manufacturers are operating at full capacity but are still not able to make all the chips that automakers need. This, in turn, has led to higher prices and lower overall stock of new vehicles.


Pandemic Shutdowns

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic shut down factories, distribution centers, and dealerships for months in early 2020, and while most of the world is now recovering, these shutdowns have had a “ripple effect” that has made it harder for car manufacturers to get the components they need. The effects of these shutdowns could easily persist within the auto industry for t well into 2022 or beyond.


Suez Canal Blockage

The massive container ship Ever Given blocked the Suez Canal for six days from March 23 to March 29, 2021. The blockage of this critical canal linking Europe, Asia, and The Middle East has had negative effects for many automakers, since it’s a very popular route for shipping automotive components and completed vehicles alike.


Increase In Pre-Owned Prices

Prices of used and pre-owned cars are jumping. Why? Mostly because new cars are scarce, due to the above factors mentioned, such as the chip shortage. Just as new vehicle manufacturing drives inventory, used vehicle availability stems from its own supply chain, which has experienced shortages and shutdowns that limit the distribution to local dealerships. Some customers may also be more willing to shop for a used car to save money, driving demand for used cars rather than new, due to the financial strain that COVID-19 has put on people who may have lost their jobs.


Shop INFINITI OF DENVER & Get A Great Price on A New or Used Vehicle

At INFINITI OF DENVER we don’t just offer luxury vehicles, we offer value. We recognize that the auto industry has experienced turmoil in the face of shortages and shutdowns, but we pride ourselves on ensuring that we offer only the best in luxury coupes, sedans, crossovers, and SUVs without relying on inflated pricing. We deliver on our promise to provide our Denver neighbors with the exceptional cost and quality so you can get the most our of your luxury vehicle despite the trends of the ever-changing market.

Explore our new inventory, like the 2022 INFINITI QX55, in our new INFINITI model showroom. Or, if you would prefer to drive in luxury at an even lower cost, take advantage of our Certified Pre-Owned Specials to find the vehicle that’s best for you.


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Tips on How to Buy A Certified Pre-Owned Car

How to Buy CPOIf you’re thinking of buying a certified pre-owned (CPO) car at INFINITI OF DENVER, you’re making an excellent choice. We ensure that each of our CPO vehicles fully meets the INFINITI OF DENVER standards after passing the rigorous 167-point inspection that guarantees only the highest quality.

But what is a certified pre-owned car at INFINITI? How can you make sure you get the right vehicle for your needs? Use the INFINITI OF DENVER tips on how to by certified and ensure that you make the right decision when buying a CPO car.


What Is a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle at INFINITI OF DENVER?

Buying CPO at INFINITI means that you’ll get unparalleled quality and peace of mind. At INFINITI OF DENVER, all CPO vehicles must:

  • Be less than 60 months from the original in-service date
  • Have less than 60,000 miles
  • Pass a comprehensive 167-point inspection
  • Have a clean, verified CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™

This means that all CPO INFINITI vehicles meet the highest standards for quality. Shopping CPO at INFINITI OF DENVER also gives you the following protections and benefits:

  • CARFAX® 3-year Buy Back Guarantee
  • Up to 6 years unlimited mileage warranty
  • Complimentary basic maintenance for one year
  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Complimentary service courtesy vehicle
  • A free 3-month trial subscription to SiriusXM Satellite Radio
  • The available INFINITI Elite™ Extended Protection Program can be used to extend your coverage even further.
  • Complimentary Pick up & Delivery Valet Service, Home by INFINITI OF DENVER.
  • Carfax for life member

Learn more about buying CPO vehicles at INFINITI OF DENVER.

Top Tips for Buying A Certified Pre-Owned Car

Ready to make your purchase? Here are a few top tips while shopping around for a CPO vehicle.

  • Know who certified the vehicle – Make sure the dealership has certified the vehicle. Some dealers use third parties to certify their CPO cars. Avoid buying these vehicles, since they’re not guaranteed to meet the same standards.
  • Take a look at the paperwork – Make sure the inspection report, CarFax report, and other ownership information looks correct and accurate.
  • Review the vehicle’s maintenance history – It’s a good idea to see what services the car has needed over the years. This will help you understand which services may be upcoming in the near future, and identify potential problem areas
  • Research competitors – Many different dealerships offer CPO vehicles, with varying guarantees and features. It’s a good idea to shop around and make sure you research all of your options.
  • Visit the dealership – Once you’re ready to buy, visit the dealership and make sure you verify the condition, trim, and other details about the CPO vehicle before you commit to a purchase.

Explore Our Stock of CPO And New INFINITI Cars Today!

At INFINITI OF DENVER, we have a wide variety of certified pre-owned INFINITI luxury vehicles that are an excellent choice for anyone interested in a luxurious driving experience in Denver.   INFINITI OF DENVER has the most CPO vehicles in Colorado.

All of our CPO vehicles are rigorously inspected and tested to ensure that they meet the highest possible quality standards. Not only that, but we’ve also got the widest variety of new INFINITI models in the Denver metro area.

Whether you choose to follow our tips on purchasing certified pre-owned or you fall in love with the brand-new INFINITI lineup, our experienced team is here to make your purchase smooth. We welcome you to the INFINITI family and hope to continue serving you for all of your vehicle purchasing and servicing needs.

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2020’s End of the Year Car Statistics

As we look back at the 2020 vehicle sales recap here at INFINITI OF DENVER, in every way, we can say that it was surely a year that will leave an impression! The year’s consumer behavior saw unprecedented dips with the surge of the pandemic early in the year, but these dips were followed by record-setting numbers as the auto industry recovered with the closure of 2020. The vehicle sales at INFINITI OF DENVER contributed to those numbers, and despite the fluctuations, we have proven both locally and nationally that our brand is resilient, innovative, and consistently sought after.

The All-Powerful Allure of the SUV

Following a year-end report from Kelley Blue Book, Cox Automotive chronicled the rise of SUVs once again this past year: noting that mid-size and compact SUVs paired with full-size pickup trucks accounted for half of the auto market sales at over 7.2 million vehicle purchases. The overall industry trends were paralleled by INFINITI’s 2020 numbers, with record-setting performance by both the INFINITI QX50 and the QX80, 2020’s most highly recognized crossover and SUV in the INFINITI showroom.

[1]For the third year in a row, the INFINITI QX50 was bestowed the 2021 Consumer Guide® Automotive Best Buy Award, highlighting the unparalleled value and refinement that consumers want from a luxury crossover. By merging INFINITI’s signature design with both balance and sport stemming from the revolutionary production engine with variable engine compression, the world-class INFINITI engineers claimed the distinguished title. But consumers weren’t the only ones raving about this masterpiece. For the second consecutive year, [2]the QX50’s VC-Turbo engine has been named to Wards 10 Best Engines and Propulsion Systems. A breakthrough in combustion engine design, the favorable power-to-weight ratio, and the small overall engine size contributed to the well-deserved recognition.

In a similarly noteworthy performance, [3]the INFINITI QX80 received the 2020 Kelley Blue Book 5-Year Cost to Own Award in the luxury full-size SUV category. The durable and reliable SUV features a 3-row, 8-passenger layout that glides comfortably despite the strength that stems from the 400-horsepower V8 engine due to the Hydraulic Body Motion Control Suspension. The beastly performance paired with the grace and precision of luxury design has made this INFINITI SUV a repeat winner of a lower-than-average cost to own.


2020’s Attention to Health and Safety

After the events of the last year, many were committed to now working from home. Even though bicycle use and walking were on the rise, so was the thrilling prospect of car ownership! Of those who are actively planning to buy a car, reported that 1 in 3 are now moving ahead faster due to the pandemic. If avoiding mass transportation has become a priority, be sure to visit us here at INFINITI OF DENVER during our favorite time of year to find the best luxury vehicle for you.

In addition to the steadily increasing health trends, there has been a greater focus on safety at home, in the workplace, and over the course of the commute. [4]The 2020 INFINITI QX60 proudly received the Top Safety Pick Award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, attracting deserved attention when equipped with available High Beam Assist headlight technology. The QX60 luxury crossover provides for you three rows of seating, a perfectly spacious interior, and advanced safety-first technology such as Backup Collision Intervention.


Car Buying Value and Convenience

As vehicle sale trends regain their upwards momentum, industry professionals have seen greater emphasis placed on value and convenience in purchases.

In terms of value, consumers are searching for vehicles that deliver high quality features at affordable rates. Like the QX50’s Best Buy Award above, [5]the INFINITI Q60 has been recognized by Vincentric in the 2021 Best Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Value in America Award. After evaluating the costs associated with a variety of long-term ownership needs, including depreciation, insurance, vehicle servicing, fuel patterns, and more, Vincentric concluded that the Q60 demonstrated outstanding performance with less than expected costs for owning and operating the vehicle.

In terms of shopping convenience, consumers are spending less time physically exploring the market, with those getting ready to purchase an auto doing their research online. At INFINITI OF DENVER, we know that our user-friendly online presence along with our knowledgeable live chat agents both paved the way for becoming [6]Colorado's #1 INFINITI dealer for the year and [7]’s #1 INFINITI Dealer. We are eager to provide top-tier service and recommendations to you during 2021, so contact our team today to find the vehicle that matches your New Year needs.


[1] The INFINITI QX50 has been bestowed the 2021 Consumer Guide® Automotive Best Buy Award in the Premium Compact Crossover segment. This marks the third year in a row the QX50 has been recognized with the award. The Consumer Guide® Automotive Best Buy Award is based on objective ratings and by distinguishing itself through performance value compared to others in the class after more than 150 new vehicles were test-driven.

[2] INFINITI's VC-Turbo engine has been named to Wards 10 Best Engines and Propulsion Systems. The VC-Turbo engine was pitted against 26 nominees with new and significantly improved powertrains from manufacturers around the world.

[3] The INFINITI QX80 received the 2020 Kelley Blue Book 5-Year Cost to Own Award in the luxury full-size SUV category The Kelley Blue Book 5-Year Cost to Own Award honors new vehicles with the lowest projected ownership costs.

[4] Improved headlight performance helps the 2019-20 Infiniti QX60 earn a TOP SAFETY PICK award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

[5] The INFINITI Q60 has been recognized by Vincentric as the winner of the 2021 Best Value in America Award in the Luxury Coupe segment. This award is based on the average of all trim levels for each model from the 2016 to 2020 model years. Costs are based on five years of ownership with an annual mileage of 15,000. The Q60 was also recently recognized as a best certified pre-owned vehicle.

[6] INFINITI OF DENVER was ranked the #1 INFINITI dealer in Colorado according to the INFINITI Direct Sales Report YTD 2020.

[7] ranked INFINITI OF DENVER #1 INFINITI dealer in US.  Score is based off of performance on visibility sentiment, engagement & overall reputation score.  INFINITI OF DENVER scored an impressive 890/1000.  Industry average is 626/1000.  * INIFINITI Dealer report ending 11/30/2020.

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Best INFINITI Road Trip Cars

Best Road Trip CarsThere’s something nostalgic and thrilling all at once about the idea of a road trip, especially as far too many people across the country are limiting their dreams of the open road to wishful thinking for the time being.

To support all of the wanderlust that’s being deferred to a later date, we’ve compiled a list of some of INFINITI’s best road trip cars available, including our favorite cross country SUVs and Crossovers, so you can be prepared once you’re able to hit the road and travel freely.



One of the newest INFINITI Crossovers to hit the market, the 2020 QX50 brings all of the infotainment innovations you would expect from a brand new car (and yearn for during a long road trip), plus practical features that make it an excellent choice for long hauls. Not to mention, since the QX50 is brand new, it will come with the added comfort of a warranty, providing unparalleled peace of mind.

Earning an impressive 29 mpg on the highway, you could take the 2020 QX50 Crossover across the country without spending a fortune, but its spacious design, panoramic power moonroof, heated seats, and automatic braking will still have you feeling as if you’re leading a life of luxury during your next road trip.



If INFINITI SUVs are more your style, then the new QX80 will blow you away with its style and power. Whether you’re looking to bring your entire family along for a weekend road trip, haul a small trailer across a few states, or take a cross country tour from the comfort of your luxury SUV, the QX80 is the answer.

The 5.6-liter V8 engine of this SUV can generate up to 400 horsepower, so there are virtually no limits to the activities you can complete during your road trip with the QX80. All that power is complemented by an incredibly stylish (and roomy) interior, so you’ll stay comfortable no matter how far you plan on trekking.



Another crossover in the lineup, this may be the best INFINITI for a road trip if you’re a family looking to blend practicality and comfort with style and function. Not only does the QX60 feature three rows of seating, making it an amazing option for comfortably transporting groups with children, but it also comes with emergency braking and backup collision intervention for a wholly safe environment.

In addition to boasting a comfortable and protected environment, the QX60 also incredibly sleek. For groups who don’t want to compromise on aesthetics but do want to feel assured that their vehicles will keep them safe no matter how long their road trip takes, the QX60 is a perfect road trip car.


Explore our Selection of Cross Country SUVs and Crossovers Today!

Though it’s hard to know precisely when you’ll be able to take your next road trip, INFINITI OF DENVER is here to make sure you’re prepared with the best possible road trip vehicle available when the time comes—we’re confident it will be here sooner than you think.

Our convenient Buy from Home options make it easy to pick out your perfect road trip car, so don’t wait—shop our selection today and start planning your next trip now.

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Changes to Car Buying with COVID-19

buy car onlineAs the whole world readjusts in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen evolving business practices creating glimmers of hope through the haze.

As we reopen our economy, we are pleased to announce that our showroom is open and our service department and online sales are still thriving. However, because our brand as a whole is dedicated to easing the burden placed on consumers by this virus, we are also providing At-home Purchases from INFINITI OF DENVER.

Buying A Car from Home Is Easier Than Ever

As it turns out, car buying and COVID-19 go together rather naturally. In fact, more than half of Americans have been open to the idea of buying cars exclusively from home for years; now that it’s a necessity, INFINITI OF DENVER is happy to oblige.

The INFINITI car buying process can now be completed about 99% from home—we utilize Zoom video conferencing, fill out the necessary paperwork digitally, and even deliver your new luxury vehicle anywhere in the state of Colorado for free.

INFINITI Is Committed to Your Financial Well-Being

With the unemployment rate startlingly high and many Americans worried about their financial futures, INFINITI aims to ease some of that burden through customer relief programs for those impacted by COVID-19.

Even if you aren’t a current INFINITI customer, our team has a variety of vehicle purchasing benefits despite the uncertainty of COVID-19. We know that life doesn’t always wait for opportune moments to throw you curveballs—you may find that you need a new car right in the middle of this global pandemic, or perhaps you finally have the time to sit down and pick the right vehicle for your needs with the extra time at home.

Whatever the case, INFINITI is also offering new car incentives and promotions as part of our COVID-19 response.

  • Right now, we are able to provide a 90-Day Deferred Payment Option on any new or Certified Pre-Owned INFINITI purchase financed with Special APR or Retailer Choice APR for qualified customers.
  • We are also offering three free lease payments on us – up to $2500!
  • We even offer a 0.00% financing on all 2020 models for a full 72 months on new INFINITI vehicle purchases!
  • Finally, for all 2015-2020 Certified Pre-Owned vehicle purchases, we are offering 0.99% APR for up to 60 months!

Utilize the INFINITI OF DENVER Car on Demand program so you can get your new car now, but enjoy a bit of breathing room before you have to begin making payments. After all, the whole world is in flux, and INFINITI wants to serve as a respite of calm in the turmoil.

Honoring Those on The Front Lines of The Crisis

While millions of Americans have been asked to work from home for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, medical personnel and other first responders do not have that option—their work is more vital than ever.

To offer our thanks in some small measure, INFINITI OF DENVER is offering all medical personnel and first responders 20% off service through the end of June so they can continue to perform their essential duties every day without worrying about transporting themselves safely.

Looking to The Future

As uncertain as these times feel, we will get through them together. For now, INFINITI is here to offer support in whatever ways possible. Discover just how easy it is to buy a new car online, and forget the world’s stresses for a while.

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INFINITI Lease Return Process

For some customers, returning a leased vehicle can be a confusing, arduous process. However, with a little advanced planning and preparation, it is a simple, relatively quick and painless process. The INFINITI lease return process includes some best practices to ensure a smooth, hassle free return of your leased vehicle.

  • Be familiar with your contract terms. Turning a car in late, early, over miles or to a different manufacturer can lead to problems.
  • Have the vehicle reconditioned if necessary. Fix a broken windshield, replace bald tires and have body work that would necessitate an insurance claim repaired. Minor scratches, scrapes, etc. are allowed and expected, as covered in the wear and tear section of your lease contract.
  • Contact the inspection service prior to returning the leased vehicle. An independent inspector will come to your home or office and do an inspection of your lease return. They will provide you with the results of the inspection shorty after it is complete, if not immediately. If you are present for the inspection, there will be no surprises and you can fix any damage prior to turning the vehicle back into the dealer.
  • Call the dealer to schedule a time to return your lease. Dealers are unpredictably busy. Walking into a busy showroom waiting to be helped with your lease return is frustrating and can be a lengthy process. By calling ahead, the dealer will be expecting you and be prepared with your information. Upon arrival, the entire process should take you no more than 10 minutes. You will be required to sign a termination form with current mileage and keys, that is all.
  • Within 2-4 weeks, you will receive a final lease return statement. This statement will reflect any final charges, including mileage penalties, excess wear and tear, unpaid lease payments, and disposition fees; if applicable. If there is a fee that you do not agree with or would like to contend, contact the lease return department. The phone number will be clearly printed on your statement. Do not contact the dealership, as they have no ability to negotiate or fix errors on lease return statements.

Contact the INFINITI team with your lease return questions. Our experienced finance department will support you through each step of the process.

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Is a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Worth It?

With the costs of new vehicles rising, many consumers are questioning whether the purchase of a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle or CPO is worth it. All major manufacturers offer a CPO program, many with benefits that rival those of a new vehicle. INFINITI is no exception and offers an extremely comprehensive CPO program for all its models.

Highlights of the INFINITI CPO program are:

  • All vehicles are put through an extensive 162-point Certification Inspection. Vehicles must be sold through an INFINITI retailer, pass a Carfax vehicle history report, and be less than 6 years old and have less than 70,000 miles. Vehicles with frame damage, water damage, a history of odometer rollback, grey market, airbag deployment, and other issue are ineligible to be certified. See your consultant for a complete list of exclusions.
  • The limited CPO warranty, backed by INFINITI, provides coverage for over 1,300 components. It is available up to 6 years/unlimited mileage based on the age of the vehicle. The warranty includes 24-hour roadside assistance, complementary first year of basic maintenance, courtesy INFINITI service loan vehicle, three-year Carfax Buyback Guarantee, free 3-month SiriusXM trial, and is eligible for the INFINITI Elite Extended Protection Plan Wrap.
  • A large portion of the vehicles in the program are previous INFINITI service loan cars. These vehicles are like-new, current model year or one year old, with minimal mileage. Generally, these vehicles represent a significant price savings over a new vehicle.
  • All CPO vehicles must pass a minimum standard for tire depth, brake wear, and have two keys.
  • Special financing is often available on CPO vehicles through INFINITI Financial Services, with rates as low a 0%. Please ask for details.

Please contact us at 303-671-6000 if you would like to discuss the benefits of Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles vs. New Vehicle purchases in further detail.

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