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Driving in Colorado Snow

Colorado can be the most beautiful state when winter arrives, but it takes some dedicated attention to ensure you can enjoy it safely. Knowing how to drive in the heavy snow that comes with the Rocky Mountains requires a fair amount of preparation. Follow winter driving tips correctly, and you can relish the holiday spirit no matter the conditions.

  • Preparation: Proper cold winter driving begins before you ever shift into gear. Keep cold-weather clothing, food and water and blankets on hand to stay safe in case you are unable to make it where you need to go. You will also want to have any helpful tools on hand, like an ice scraper, flashlight or small shovel in case the weather leaves you stranded away from home.
  • On the Road: Once you are actually driving on Colorado roads, exercise caution at every stop and around every turn. Be aware of how severe conditions are, and keep in mind how starting and stopping will be affected. It is much easier to correct slides at lower speeds, so allowing for more space from the car ahead of you will give you more time to react. Stopping on hills, accelerating through turns, and going hard on the brakes could all lead to problems.
  • Long Distances: When you venture out for long distances and the weather is working against you, make sure you go over your checklist before you leave. Equip the necessary emergency gear, look at your fuel level and check the weather before you go. Tell friends and family when you are leaving, where you are traveling and when you should arrive. If you fail to show, they will know where to find you.
  • If You Find Yourself in a Jam: In the event that you are stuck, take time to assess the situation before you act prematurely. Do what you can to enhance visibility so you and your car remain safe and can be found by roadside assistance. Stay warm by putting on layers and keep fuel usage to a minimum by only running the car when necessary.

Often the best defense for winter driving in Colorado is having a car that can handle the roads. INFINITI can answer that call, with loads of amenities built for control. Look to the likes of the 2020 standouts, like the QX50 or the QX80, available with features to keep you protected like Intelligent All-Wheel Drive and Predictive Forward Collision Warning.

And when you purchase a new INFINITI, you get free 24/7 roadside assistance in case the conditions prove too much. We will be there to get you back on your journey, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. You will even get another two years of assistance, accessible during regular dealership hours, just for doing business with us at INFINITI OF DENVER.

Get the most you can out of the beautiful Colorado winters with support from INFINITI OF DENVER. Contact our INFINITI dealership today to ensure you enjoy this winter season with a smooth and safe drive.

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