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Safe Thanksgiving Driving

Across the nation over the next month, many Americans will embark on a longer-than-average journey to spend time with their loved ones while enjoying food and fellowship around the dinner table. It's a time of year when those who were gone at school come home to catch up and visit while spreading out in front of football games on TV and basking in the warmth of the company sorely missed during the long months away from home.

Many others will be hitting the road along with you as well, and practicing safe Thanksgiving driving is essential to assure that you and your loved ones avoid any collisions or other mishaps before this holiday's festivity. Here are a few tips for driving on Thanksgiving to see you through a special time where turkey and trimmings are the norm, and pumpkin pie rounds off the perfect meal with loved ones!


  •  Thorough Vehicle Inspection:

    Long trips are not a time where you want to neglect any detail while looking over your car beforehand. The transmission, brakes, coolant, and oil fluids all should be topped off, and defrosting before you leave is important after any evening with low temps.  Make sure you are turkey ready either using our complimentary pick up and delivery, Home by INFINITI OF DENVER or come visit us in our Service Department.

  • Schedule your Pre-thanksgiving service at  
  • Have Ample Supplies:

    Making sure that you have enough snacking material and entertainment such as DVDs for the journey is important and can help to cut down on stops during the trip. Many travelers who have unexpectedly become stuck wished they had blankets with them, as they can be a life-saving asset during an emergency.

  • GPS: A Handy Game-Changer:

    Most new INFINITI models come equipped with Navigation. No longer do travelers have to just throw up a wild guess when it comes to nearby restaurants or filling stations, or any inclement weather that may unexpectedly move in.  You can also see traffic real time.

  • Seeing After the Safety of Pets:

    During an interstate drive with heavy traffic, the presence of pets can be a distraction for drivers and passengers alike. A cage or harness may be the best option to assure that your furry loved ones make the trip in a way that is most comfortable for everyone.

  • The Urgency of Buckling Up:

    Aside from being the law in most states, this Is the easiest way to assure a top level of safety if there is a form of collision. Your younger passengers will be best protected by using child restraint seats and their respective seat belts, assuring that everyone on board gets to enjoy the warmth and memory-making of this special holiday.

  • Imminent Dangers Of Distraction:

    Daydreaming of cranberries and stuffing sure to be present at the table is quite a distraction itself, but texting and talking on the phone can be as dangerous as intoxication! To assure a safe arrival and refrain from any traffic element taking you by surprise, it's best to pull over and handle anything on the smartphone with your hands off the wheel.

  • Ideal INFINITI Choices for the Journey:

    As you are getting ready for one of the most important and rewarding times of the year, the ideal vehicle is going to render the trip comfortable as well as memorable. The 2023 INFINITI QX60 has been designed to live up to long-trip potential, boasting ProPILOT Assist technology and safety features such as Lane Departure Warning to take over if anything dangerous occurs. With seating for up to 8, the 2023 QX80 offers ideal space, a smooth ride, and keeps you safe for Turkey Day travels with Forward Emergency Braking and Pedestrian Detection.


To check out these and other fantastic vehicles at INFINITI OF DENVER, Contact our experienced INFINITI sales team Today!


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Benefits of Dealer Financing

When buying a car you have two options: pay cash upfront or finance it with a loan and pay monthly. Financing is the more common route and more than 61% of new car financing is done through the manufacturer or dealership. There are several benefits of financing a car – including helping you to establish credit, budget your payment monthly, and even increase your yearly returns with tax deductions – and dealer financing is even more beneficial.

Benefits of Dealer Financing

With dealer financing, you’re offered a wide range of incentives like 1.9% financing or dealership-specific rebates that can’t be found elsewhere. 1.9% financing essentially means you pay interest on your car loan, and while it isn’t free money as some people call it, it’s about as close as you can get. Low financing can save you thousands in interest charges, which ultimately lowers the cost of your vehicle, highlighting one of the many benefits of financing a car through an auto dealer. The term “rebates” refers to a variety of financial incentives a dealership may offer. A rebate could be a cash discount, usually applied to your down payment. You could look at this as lowering the price of your vehicle upfront or putting cash in your pocket. Rebates are not at banks or credit unions.

Additionally, dealer financing allows you to get the benefit of a one-stop shopping experience, getting your car and financing it in the same place. You won’t have to worry about searching all over to get your car financed– you can arrive at the dealership and drive away with your new car. Financing your car at INFINITI OF DENVER is not only accessible and convenient, but our friendly finance managers will ensure you are offered the best finance rate you qualify for.

These are just some of the many benefits of financing a car through a dealership and INFINITI OF DENVER would love to see what we can do for. We offer a payment calculator so you can estimate your buying power and potential monthly payments, and we’ll work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction so you can experience the great benefits of dealer financing. Contact one of our sales experts, browse our latest INFINITI models online, or try our free INFINITI credit application today!

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Rules of the Road for Vehicles & Cyclists

All drivers are likely aware of the phrase “share the road” but few know the rules of the road for vehicles and cyclists and how to effectively do so. INFINITI OF DENVER wants our drivers to coexist with cyclists to prevent accidents and injury and to help you avoid being ticketed for not following certain vehicle/cyclist road rules.

  1. First, Stay in Your Lane!

The simplest tip to effectively coexist with cyclists is also the most obvious: don’t drive in the bike lane! Bike lanes are designed to give cyclists and drivers their own separate areas for each other’s safety, but drivers will often cut into the bike line, intentionally or unintentionally, to pass another vehicle, momentarily park, or give themselves more space. While it may seem trivial to just cut into the bike lane on occasion, it’s not a good habit to develop. Depending on the design of the road there could be a cyclist just over the hill or just around a bend that you’d have to swerve to avoid, risking your safety, their safety, and the safety of the other drivers on the road. Most accidents are caused when a driver doesn’t notice a cyclist and simply avoiding the bike lane in the first place can help you avoid an accident. This holds true especially at night considering over half of all bicycle accidents happen when it’s dark outside.

  1. Passing Cyclists While Ensuring Safety

Passing cyclists while ensuring yours and their safety requires you to always pass on the left when traffic in the next lane over is clear. This requires patience so some drivers may need to adjust their attitude and remember the cyclist is also a person with their own right to the road. When passing cyclists, aggressive or impatient drivers will need to find a way to motivate themselves to give cyclists the room they need to stay safe on the road. Cyclists should be using hand signals to alert those around them when they are turning – a left arm extended straight out signals a left turn and either a partially raised left arm or a right arm extended straight out signals a right turn – so pay attention to these as well. Cyclists should also signal when they’re stopping or slowing down by extending an arm towards the ground. For a visual reference, consult page 10 of the Colorado Bicycling Manual.

  1. Stay Alert

You should especially be aware and alert in urban areas, as there are already a number of distractions and oftentimes no bicycle lanes. Denver, Colorado is quite the bike friendly city and that won’t be changing anytime soon, so it’s good to familiarize yourself with the rules of the road for both cyclists and vehicles to ensure your safety and cyclist safety.


INFINITI Safety Features

Obviously, the rules above will improve your summer cyclist awareness, but to sweeten the deal even more, INFINITI also boasts a range of safety features that ensure an even safer commute for those in and outside the vehicle.

  • With Forward Emergency Breaking, you can rely on your INFINITI to detect potential frontal collisions and brake in emergency situations.
  • With Steering Assist features and the innovative Lane Departure Warning, your INFINITI will correct itself by centering the vehicle in its lane to avoid drifting.
  • Your INFINITI may even include the Around View® Monitor which provides a 360 degree view of the car and its surroundings so you can stay aware of objects all around you.

We invite you to come experience the difference at INFINITI OF DENVER and shop our selection of new 2022 INFINITI models. Contact our sales experts or shop our safe, luxury vehicles online and experience the difference!

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Summer Driving Tips from INFINITI OF DENVER

Summer is nearly here in Denver, and that means driving season is upon us. But before you go tearing through the Rockies or set out on your next long road trip, make sure you consider these summer driving tips from INFINITI OF DENVER.

  1. Plan Ahead for Severe Weather

Check the forecast. Colorado can have severe summer weather like heavy rain, hail, and the occasional snow shower. Remain vigilant about road conditions and visibility, and plan ahead when possible.

  1. Keep Your Speed Under Control

A lead foot is bad news. You could get a ticket, and speeding increases the risk of an accident. So stay under the speed limit, and consider using cruise control to “set and forget” your speed during long highway trips.

  1. Always Use a Designated Driver if Drinking!

Never get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking. Use a designated driver to keep the fun rolling all summer long!

  1. Buckle Up to Stay Safe & Avoid Tickets

If you don’t buckle your seatbelt in Colorado, you could get a ticket – and you have a much higher risk of dying in an accident. Make sure you and all your passengers are properly secured and buckled at all times.

  1. Keep Your Eyes on The Road & Avoid Distractions

Yes, the Rockies are gorgeous – but don’t spend too much time drinking in the great view of Colorado. Stay focused on the road and the drivers around you, particularly when you’re in winding, mountainous areas.

  1. Limit Cell Phone Use

Similar to the point above, it is important to stay off your phone while driving. Texting, tweeting, and talking are all hazardous to your focus behind the wheel, and it only takes a second to make a driving error that could hinder your passengers’ and your safety.

  1. Maintain Your Car Before Your Next Road Trip

Make sure your tires are in good shape, change your oil, repair your brakes – long summer drives mean that you need to be more diligent about your car’s maintenance. Take it into the shop for a little TLC.

  1. Check Your Fluid Levels

The summer heat makes overheating a real possibility. It’s a good idea to check your fluid levels, particularly your coolant, before heading out on a long drive. In fact, it’s an even better idea to service your vehicle before your next trip to prevent any unwanted surprises.

Shop INFINITI Summer Specials – Get A New Ride for The Season!

We hope these summer driving tips will keep you safe on the road. And if you’re ready to upgrade to a new or used INFINITI, we’re here to help at INFINITI OF DENVER.

With our summer sales, you can save thousands on INFINITI models like the Q50, QX50, QX55, QX80, and more. You can browse our full selection of new INFINITI models and quality used vehicles online, and get an online quote for your preferred vehicle in minutes – or visit our dealership in person to see the INFINITI summer sales for yourself.

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Where to Buy Genuine INFINITI Accessories

INFINITI cargo boxIf you’re the proud owner of a 2021 INFINITI like the QX80, Q60, or Q50, congratulations! At INFINITI OF DENVER, we’re proud to offer a truly premium driving experience with our wide lineup of new and certified pre-owned INFINITI vehicles.

But maybe you skipped the additional luxury accessories offered by INFINITI when making your purchase – and now you’re looking to invest in high-quality accessories to personalize your vehicle, like floor mats, cargo area dividers, roof boxes, or cargo area protectors.

Where can you get genuine INFINITI accessories in Denver, and why should you bother getting genuine accessories from INFINITI in the first place? Those are great questions, and we’ve got the answers at INFINITI OF DENVER.

Why Buy Genuine INFINITI Parts and Accessories?

There are a lot of different places where you can buy aftermarket parts and accessories for INFINITI vehicles. So, why should you buy them from INFINITI OF DENVER, and choose genuine INFINITI products?

  • Excellent quality – Genuine INFINITI parts and accessories are built to the same quality standards as INFINITI vehicles, ensuring a luxurious, high-quality experience, a long lifespan, and excellent durability.
  • Guaranteed compatibility – When you shop genuine INFINITI accessories and parts, you’ll ensure guaranteed compatibility with your INFINITI vehicle. There won’t be any issues with installation or product use.
  • Safety – Sometimes, choosing aftermarket accessories can be a safety risk. For example, if you buy a non-genuine INFINITI floor mat that doesn't fit properly beneath the driver’s side of your car, it may slip and slide – and could even interfere with braking or accelerating. In contrast, genuine INFINITI floor mats will always fit perfectly.

So if you’re interested in shopping for genuine INFINITI accessories, look no further than INFINITI OF DENVER. You can view a wide variety of products and accessories for your INFINITI car, and buy what you need online with the click of a button. View our online store here, and get everything you need.

Noteworthy Accessories For 2021 INFINITI Vehicles

INFINITI OF DENVER offers a range of accessories from floor mats to cargo area space savers, and there are a few more noteworthy accessories for the 2021 INFINITI lineup.

  • QX50 All-Season Floor Mats – Protect your carpet with these genuine INFINITI floor mats in an attractive black and brown colorway.
  • QX80 Cargo Area Protector – Cover up your trunk and keep cargo and bags from damaging your vehicle with this QX80 cargo area protector.
  • Q50 Carbon Fiber Outside Mirror Covers – Make your INFINITI Q50 even sportier with these unique, high-quality, genuine INFINITI carbon fiber mirror covers.
  • Q60 Cargo Net – Keep fragile and breakable items from moving or shifting while you drive with this genuine cargo net from INFINITI.

Shop Luxury INFINITI Accessories for the 2021 Lineup

INFINITI OF DENVER is proud to offer a wide variety of luxury INFINITI accessories and parts at our dealership in Denver including INFINITI cargo area protectors, INFINITI floor mats, and much more. Generally speaking, the accessories follow the vehicle purchase, but in the instance when you may be scoping out the accessories prior to selecting your new vehicle, we also offer a wide selection of new INFINITIs and certified pre-owned INFINITI vehicles.

If you’re interested in learning more about our accessories, parts, and new INFINITI cars for sale, you can contact us online, call INFINITI OF DENVER at 303-671-6000, or come visit us at our dealership in Denver!

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INFINITI In the Snow

INFINITI Snow ModeAs your local Denver INFINITI dealership, we know that Colorado is no stranger to snowy and icy conditions. But with the advanced, modern features of the INFINITI lineup, you can stay safe in winter weather conditions. Learn more below or contact INFINITI OF DENVER now to explore our advanced luxury vehicles online or in person.


Many of our INFINITI models, like the 2021 INFINITI Q50 and the 2020 INFINITI QX60, are equipped with drive mode personalization options that allow you to optimize your drive according to the environmental conditions and driving preferences. The customizable selections elevate vehicle performance with adjustments to engine and transmission outputs, efficiency ratios, and steering ratios and force settings.

Among these selections is INFINITI’s unparalleled Snow Mode. When you utilize this option in snowy conditions, the assistive technology modifies your engine output to reduce wheel spin on slippery roads, modifying the throttle to cater to the wintery conditions for smoother performance and enhanced safety. In this mode, your INFINITI will be more responsive in the snow, and will have a less aggressive throttle profile.

In addition, INFINITI’s Snow Mode contributes to the AWD on your vehicle by closely monitoring wheel spin sensors and adjusting power delivery to improve handling.


All-Wheel Drive

Even without the Snow Mode, INFINITI AWD uses adaptive sensors and algorithms to optimize power delivery to the wheels, sending up to 50% of the front wheels when conditions are less-than-optimal. This is done automatically, and when conditions are optimal, 100% of power is automatically sent to the rear wheels to enhance on-road performance.

Pair the efficient All Wheel Drive settings with winter tires from INFINITI OF DENVER and our aggressive braking profile, and your vehicle will offer better overall snow handling with enhance traction and on-road performance.


INFINITI Vehicle Safety Standards

INFINITI’s Predictive Forward Collision Warning system monitors the velocity of your car, as well as the distance of the vehicles that are directly ahead of you. Predictive Forward Collision Warning technology sends both audio and visual alerts to the driver when a sudden movement or change is detected, ensuring you can respond quickly to any on-road dangers in inclement weather.

Not only that, but Forward Emergency Braking works in concert with Predictive Forward Collision Warning from INFINITI to automatically brake if you do not respond to alerts quickly.

Plus, winter weather won’t impede your visibility as your INFINITI navigates easily in the snow with High Beam Assist headlight technology and an INFINITI World's First Technology, the available Around View® Monitor system.


Explore INFINITI Safety Features In More Detail At INFINITI OF DENVER

At INFINITI OF DENVER, we have the latest INFINITI models, and all of our vehicles have advanced safety features that provide you with the control you need when the Denver weather turns nasty. So don’t wait – explore your options in more detail at INFINITI OF DENVER.


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Best Luxury Vehicles for Families

There are a lot of variables to consider when planning to purchase a vehicle, and one of the most common considerations is how your new vehicle will perform for your family. Families have specific needs when it comes to vehicles, and luxury cars are no exception. Determining the best cars for kids means thinking about safety, accessibility, technology, and comfort. The best luxury autos for families should be able to check the boxes in each of those categories, and INFINITI has some strong contenders.

INFINITI focuses on manufacturing cars and SUVs that can please both parents and children alike, all while achieving attractive scores in areas such as performance, safety, and practicality. At INFINITI OF DENVER, we help to support families in our community by offering a variety of options for each of our family-friendly vehicles.

Family-Friendly INFINITI Models

  • The QX80 is the largest INFINITI in production and has the size and ability to meet the needs of any family. There’s room for everyone with seven seats, and those in the back can have access to a rear entertainment system to keep them occupied throughout the drive. What makes the QX80 one of the best cars for kids is its whopping 95.1 cubic feet of rear cargo space, meaning that there’s space to house sports equipment, class projects, and more. Up front, the heated seats, tri-zone climate control, and 13-speaker Bose audio system will keep parents happy and in control.
  • A more fuel-efficient option, the QX60 has the same striking luxury found in its larger counterpart. With dedicated seating for five as well as a folding third-row seat, the INFINITI QX60 can transport seven people to their destination in complete comfort. Optional 7” screens at the rear of the front seat headrests provide the option of movies or video games while on the road, and the full leather interior and intuitive navigation system help mom and dad relax while in the safety of a 5-star rated crossover (5-star safety rating provided by the IIHS). The QX60 is truly one of the best luxury cars for families.
  • The smallest of the QX range, the QX50 is anything but underwhelming. The QX50 is an affordable crossover that offers luxurious comfort for five people and provides INFINITI customers with a practical choice for younger children. The smaller design makes it ideal for loading and securing children and the IIHS “Good” safety rating means that parents can rest assured that their most precious cargo is protected. If you are looking for the best cars for kids, the QX50 is a smart choice that also offers a good amount of pep from a 3.7L V6 engine built to get you where you’re going.
  • Not every family needs an SUV! If you’re starting a new family and want the versatility and fuel efficiency of a sedan, the 2021 INFINITI Q50 is one of the best luxury cars for families. Powered by a 3.0L twin turbo charged V6 engine, owners will enjoy the best of both acceleration and economic savings. A spacious interior provides ample room for child safety seats, especially with the 8-way power driver’s and front-passenger’s seats to maneuver for custom comfort.


INFINITI OF DENVER is committed to providing you with options that will suit the needs of your family for years to come. Reach out to one of our professional sales consultants to get more information about kid-friendly options for your new INFINITI and discover why INFINITI manufactures the best luxury cars for families.



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INFINITI Towing Capacity Breakdown

INFINITI has a history of producing capable luxury vehicles that keep you and your family safe and comfortable, and when the open road calls for more, your INFINITI has the towing capacity you need to carry the load. INFINITI models equipped with towing packages are specifically designed to manage the additional weight of your trailer and boast impressive payload capability compared to other vehicles in their respective classes.

When planning your purchase of a new INFINITI model, it is important to consider your own load requirements to determine the right INFINITI for you. If you haven’t towed a trailer before, you’ll want to ensure that the model you choose provides excellent visibility and is equipped with options that will make towing an easier task, such as all-wheel drive, braking systems, and Blind Spot Intervention®️. Most of all, it is important to consider the of the towing capacities of the INFINITI model you’re planning to purchase.


See our INFINITI towing capacity breakdown below:

INFINITI QX50 Towing Capacity

When equipped with the optional towing package and all-wheel drive, the QX50 is capable of pulling 3,000 pounds making it the perfect choice for light towing needs such as garden trailers, tent trailers, bike racks, and other lightweight equipment. The powerful Variable Compression Turbo engine produces enough power to move your load safely while nestled in a comfortable and luxurious interior cabin.

INFINITI QX60 Towing Capacity

The 2022 QX60 offers up to 6,000 pounds of towing strength and is built to handle a vast selection of cargo trailers, camping trailers, and more. Powered by a 3.5L V6 the QX60 can tow with ease while maintaining a secure position on the road. The addition of blind-spot monitoring technology and a rear back-up camera enables drivers to connect to their trailers easily and ensure safe maneuverability around other vehicles.

INFINITI QX80 Towing Capacity

As the strongest SUV in the INFINITI lineup, the QX80 pulls an incredible 8,500 pounds when properly equipped. A beastly 5.6L V8 provides ample power to tug larger camping trailings and dual-axel cargo or utility trailers with exceptional stability while providing a smooth, comfortable ride for passengers inside the cabin. With all-wheel drive and Blind Spot Intervention®️, the QX80 is the toughest SUV in the range, ready to tow heavy loads without breaking a sweat.


Incredible INFINITI Towing Capacity at INFINITI OF DENVER

Finding the right SUV to meet your towing needs is a simple process with INFINITI OF DENVER. Our sales team can help you determine the best model for your family by providing expert information and friendly advice. Reach out to us at INFINITI OF DENVER to learn more about our INFINITI towing capacity and selection of SUVs built for towing.

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Preparing Your Car for a Road Trip

Prepare your car for a road tripLet’s face it, staying indoors for months on end can make even the best of us become a little stir-crazy. As many regions push to get back to normal after the lengthy span of the COVID-19 pandemic, road trips have become a popular choice for those seeking a safer adventure than traditional travel options such as airplanes or public transit.

But before you decide who’s in charge of snacks and music, there are a few road trip tips you’ll want to consider. When preparing your car for a road trip, you should ensure that certain things are taken care of before you head out so you, your family, and your car stay safe as you trek across the country.


Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

There are many small services and checks that you can perform right at home or in your driveway. They may be small but can save you a lot of hassle once you are on your way.

  • Check your tire pressure and tread. The last thing you want is to blow a tire on the highway. If you have sufficient tire tread, make sure that the pressure levels are set to the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Check your oil level. Low oil can create problems within your engine as moving parts won’t have the proper lubrication. You can top it off if it’s a little low, but you may need to consider having a technician complete an oil and filter change instead.
  • Top off your washer fluid. As the warmer weather comes, so do the bugs. Make sure your washer fluid reservoir is full and carry extra fluid in case you need to top off while on the road.
  • Check your lights. Blown bulbs make it difficult for you to see, and more importantly, they make it difficult for others to see you. Check all lights and signals to make sure you’ll remain visible.


Road Trip Preparation That You Should Leave to Your Local Service Technician

While some of the obvious checks can be completed at home, there are a number of services that you’ll want to have a certified technician perform to ensure that your vehicle is in roadworthy condition and all components are working properly.

  • Oil change. A certified technician can ensure that your engine oil and oil filter are changed properly and that the right type and correct amount of oil is used. At INFINITI OF DENVER, we also conduct a complementary 27-point inspection with every oil change.  This way you know for certain that your car is ready for your road trip.
  • Check engine light. If you have error codes that are causing lights to illuminate on your instrument panel, a technician can scan your vehicle’s computer to diagnose the codes and prevent further problems.
  • Brake pad replacement. You might have the urge to hit the road without stopping, but you’ll need to physically stop at some point! If your pads are worn, a technician should replace them to provide you with adequate stopping power.
  • Scheduled maintenance. Be sure to have your technician complete any maintenance items that are due, or that will become due before you return. This helps you save on future repair costs.


INFINITI OF DENVER Can Get You Ready for the Road

At INFINITI OF DENVER, our team of certified technicians knows just what your vehicle needs to provide safe and reliable transport during your next road trip. We’re committed to providing you with car service for long trip durations to make sure that you get where you’re going without a breakdown. Complete your pre trip car checkup with INFINITI OF DENVER to receive unparalleled service and peace of mind when preparing your car for your upcoming road trip. Drop your car off at the dealership, or we will pick it up from your home! Follow these road trip tips and schedule an appointment online with us today to prepare your car for the open road.

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Tips for Trading in A Vehicle

Selling on Your Own vs. Trading in with a Dealer

Tips for Trading in a VehicleOne of the considerations many face when purchasing or leasing a new or pre-owned vehicle is what to do with their current car. Many believe they can sell their current vehicle on their own and achieve a higher price than they could when trading in the vehicle with a dealer. While this can be the case, there are several factors to keep in mind. First, selling cars is hard. You must first make the vehicle available for sale, then attract “prospective buyers” to your home or business, and then trust that their money is good or that they are who they say they are.

These factors do not come into play when trading at a reputable dealership. While you may be able to make the DIY system work for you, the best way to trade in a car is working with a trusted source.

How to Ensure a Safe Trade

Here are some tips for trading in your vehicle safely and effectively:

  1. There is a sales tax savings on the value of your trade-in. For instance, if your trade in is worth $10,000 and you live in an 8% sales tax area, your net realized value is $10,800, as you do not pay the 8% on the value of the trade. You would need to sell it for at least $10,800 to a private party to realize the same value.
  2. There are several “authorities” on used car values. Blue Book, Black Book, NADA, Edmunds, and Carfax are just a few of the many resources on used car values. However, these guides can differ by thousands of dollars on the same vehicle. The reason? They are all just guides, and opinions based on regional data and demand. While it is valuable to educate yourself on an approximate value, don’t focus too much on what one of these guides says. At the end of the day, a car’s value is based on condition, service history, and supply and demand.
  3. If you have decided you would like to trade in your vehicle, use some common sense when taking it to a dealership. First, clean it. There is only one chance to make a first impression. Sticky steering wheels, food under the seat, and a filthy exterior lead an appraiser to think the car has been neglected mechanically as well. Be prepared to show all the service history and maintenance of the vehicle. Also, if the car has had an accident or repair work, an invoice showing the amount will take the guesswork out of the severity and cost. Finally, any documents showing an extended service contract/warranty is a clear sign that the vehicle has been properly maintained and cared for and reduces the chance of costly repairs.
  4. Finally, if you have a pay off on a loan, know that amount and who the lender is. Nothing delays negotiation and paperwork like an incorrect payoff or being unable to locate the current loan.

Used vehicles are in high demand! If yours is properly cared for and you follow these tips for trading in your vehicle, you will be able to maximize the value through a dealership exchange. Contact the team at INFINITI OF DENVER to see if our options are the best way for you to trade in your car.


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Spring Cleaning & Car Maintenance

Colorado's springtime in the Rockies means skiing in the mountains while smelling the start of the world-famous wildflowers. It's a fresh start after a snowy winter, for you, your home, and your car!

Note that spring begins a day earlier this year, starting March 19th and ending June 20th. It's the perfect time for outdoor play and an even more perfect time for spring cleaning. After a season of white snow blankets the state for three months, springtime brings out the “color” in Colorado. It's time to clean out your closets, freshen up your interior design with a splash of new color, organize your garage, aerate your lawns, and prep your gardens – but don’t forget about spring car maintenance!

Spring Car Detailing in Denver

Before you decide to stretch out your spring wheels, think about these tips to get your vehicle mechanically and aesthetically road-worthy:

  1. Check your car's vitals. That means all the tires, the brakes, and the elements under the hood. Winter's notoriously hard on the underbelly of your vehicle, so make sure that you also get it checked for salt damage.
  2. Get your vehicle detailed. It's no fun pilfering through old water bottles and sandwich wraps from last fall. Treat car maintenance like you spring clean your home. First you pick up the mess. Then INFINITI OF DENVER comes in for top-tier car detailing in Denver.

Spring Car Maintenance Checklist

When we say check your car's vitals, we mean the mechanicals, the brakes and the fluids that make your car hum. After a long winter, you need to address these maintenance items before heading out into the spring thaw.

  • Check tire pressure.
  • Check the battery.
  • Check or change the oil.
  • Check the belts and windshield wiper fluid.
  • Top off any other fluids or change them.
  • Get your brakes checked.

You can bring your car to INFINITI OF DENVER where our service team will make sure that it's running safe and sound. That's important whether your road trip is across town or up the mountain pass for a weekend of skiing.


For the most comprehensive car detailing in town, INFINITI OF DENVER addresses the whole vehicle from the inside to the outside. We will take care of your upholstery to remove out the winter stains and dirt with comprehensive vacuuming and shampooing. We clean the dash, the steering wheel, the center console, the interior windows and mirrors.

For the exterior, we do far more than your local drive-through car wash. We'll get rid of the winter salt, dirt and grime. Detailing the wheels includes scrubbing around the lug nuts and brake calipers. Then your car's paintwork gets polished and waxed. The exterior windows and mirrors are cleaned, and the entire car dried so that it looks like new. We address the undercarriage, the wheels, and the complete exterior so your vehicle looks like it’s ready for spring.


Contact us if we can help you get on your road trip sooner than later this season. We wish everyone a safe and happy spring.

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Why to Get Your Oil Changed at the Dealership

Oil Change at the DealershipYou’re driving your vehicle and realize that it’s been about three months since your last oil change. You love your car and you know that quality maintenance means a safer and better performing vehicle. But out of the corner of your eye, you see the sign for drive-thru oil changes.

Don’t fall for a hasty service with subpar quality that will ultimately cost you as much if not more than oil change at a dealership.



INFINITI OF DENVER cares about our customers. That’s why we have compiled a list of the top reasons why you should get an oil change at a dealership instead.

  1. Quality Oil Filters Designed for your Make and Model. Your vehicle is a performance machine, and it requires performance parts. INFINITI makes factory OEM parts with perfectly tailored components to ensure your vehicle continually performs at the upper end of the spectrum. Specifically tuned for factory performance, you can drive comfortably knowing your filters have the correct pressure release valve and filtering agent to keep your engine running to expectations.
  2. High Standard Synthetic Oil. INFINITI OF DENVER uses only synthetic oil. Your engine will last longer with synthetic oil than the conventional style that is derived directly from crude oil sources. Your vehicle will continue to ride smooth and deliver the power you have come to trust with added lubricants to keep parts moving fluidly, especially at higher temperatures. This will decrease wear and could increase the life of your engine.
  3. Multi-point Inspections. INFINITI OF DENVER knows your car almost as well as you, and what it takes to keep it in top form. Ongoing dealership service does not stop at an oil change, so INFINITI OF DENVER will make sure to take care of your whole vehicle. The multi-point inspection that comes standard with your visit includes checking fluids, drive belts, exhaust systems, and much more. Your car will also come back spotless with a complimentary wash and vacuum after every service.
  4. Feel Comfortable, not Crowded. While you wait, pass the time in the same standards of comfort you should expect from INFINITI. Wi-Fi and charging stations, the use of complimentary iPads and a play area for the little ones will keep the experience feeling anything like a chore. The waiting room is even dog friendly. You will also have access to premium beverages and snacks will your car is being put through the paces.
  5. Competitive Pricing. Dealerships want your business and are well versed in understanding your INFINITI. We are passionate about our brand, and even if you don’t have an INFINITI vehicle, we maintain records of your auto’s service lifespan. There is almost always a coupon on our website to off-set additional costs, and in the long-run the proactive inspections and the quality service could save you costly repairs in the future.
  6. Experienced and Compassionate Service Team. INFINITI OF DENVER has over 85 years of experience serving the greater Denver area. With seven Master Technicians and nine Automotive Service Excellence Technicians, you know your INFINITI is in the right hands. Keep your INFINITI running as if you were taking it off the showroom floor for the first time by setting your dealership oil change appointment.

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