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The Next Generation at INFINITI OF DENVER

Joe Walter has been a part of our family at INFINITI OF DENVER for just over 23 years. 2 years ago, his son Max Walter started his trainee technician position working directly next to his father in our service drive, following in his dads footsteps. Working side by side each day, they both ensure our customers leave as happy as can be with their vehicles using their smart, careful approach. Joe has been a leading driver in the success of our service department and we are so happy he wants to continue his legacy he has made here onto his son. We wanted to ask them both a few questions about their time here and what makes working alongside your family member so special.

Q: How long have you both been with INFINITI OF DENVER?

J: Just over 23 years.

M: 2 years.

Q: Joe, what do you plan to teach your son about the business and pass onto him?

J: Since everything has changed so much in this business since I first started, I essentially want to teach him to stay current and constantly do research to teach himself new things. With all of the modern technology in the new cars these days, it's definitely important to be able to compete.

Q: Max, what is it like working with your dad? Do you have a favorite part about working here?

M: I actually really enjoy working with my dad. He's very knowledgeable from being in the business for so long and being so good at his job, so I learn a lot from him every day. My favorite part about working here would have to be learning new things every single day.

Q: Joe, do you want to talk about some of your accomplishments at INFINITI OF DENVER? Do you have a favorite part about working here?

J: During my 23 years here, I became Master ASE and INFINITI Technician, and Shop Foreman. My favorite part about working here would definitely have to be the satisfaction of making someones vehicle better.

Q: Max, what made you want to work for INFINITI OF DENVER?

M: It was the best opportunity for me, especially since my dad has been here for so long.


"It has been a fast and amazing 23 years at INFINITI OF DENVER!"

Joe Walter


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Our Favorite INFINITIS To Drive In The Summertime

With our beautiful summers that we're lucky to get in Colorado, you have to drive the perfect car to go along with the great weather. Although all of our INFINITIS are excellent to drive, there are a few that are especially fun to drive in the summertime. Whether it be the body style or the amount of horsepower the vehicle has, here are a few of our favorite INFINITIS to drive during the summer.

The Q60 Coupe

Everyone could probably assume this is a no-brainier since it's always fun to ride in a coupe in beautiful warm weather, but there really is something special about driving a luxurious, fast car on a gorgeous day through the mountains of Colorado. Inside the hood of the Q60 lives the award winning 3.0 liter twin-turbo V6 Engine, and the car generally runs at 300 horsepower. If you want to kick it up a notch, you should take the Q60 Red Sport out for a test drive. The Red Sport has the same engine as the regular coupe but with 400 horsepower, so it's quite the fun car to take out for a spin. Acceleration is instant and feels limitless and it is definitely one of the most comfortable coupes on the market, moving the seats at just the push of a button. Both coupes also have the option to come with a sunroof so you can really enjoy that summer breeze! For more research on the 2019 coupe, click here.


The Q50

If you're looking for a vehicle that's a little more spacious than the coupe but not quite an SUV, the Q50 is the INFINITI for you! This 4 door sedan is one of our most popular vehicles and has a sleek and sporty feel to it. For the standard Q50, it runs at around 200 horsepower and just as most of our vehicles, it also has the famous V6 twin-turbo engine. If you're wanting to up the torque, try out the Q50 Red Sport, running at 400 horsepower. Some of the features in the Q50 include Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, 26 highway miles per gallon, and the Dynamic Digital Suspension. On top of these key features and the many other safety features the Q50 provides, you also get an immense amount of cargo space. As a matter of fact, if you and a friend want to go golfing this summer, you both can fit your golf bags in the trunk! Overall, the Q50 is an excellent choice and one of the most luxurious and sportiest sedans on the market. To learn more about the all new Q50, click here.


The QX50 

The 2019 QX50 is generally a great car to have year round and is probably the most popular car we sell. There is tons of storage space, lots of safety features, and plenty of new technologies embedded in the car. If so equipped, you even have the option to have Heads Up Display, which projects a semi-transparent readout of key information onto the lower windshield. Another great feature in the new QX50 is the ProPilot Assist, which helps keep the QX50 centered in its lane and a set distance from the traffic in front of you, even around curves. Although this car is great to have in the winter due to the Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, because of its sleek look and all of its unique features this is also a great car to ride around in all summer long. You will also be wow-ed at how large the sun-roof is, almost stretching to the back of the car, which is perfect for letting in those warm summer breezes. If you would like to learn more about the all new QX50, click here.


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The CoBank Colorado Open Championships

Related imageSummer is almost here, which means Golf season is almost finally here! Every year, the CoBank Colorado Open entertains some of the most prestigious golfers throughout the state. There are 3 big championship tournaments throughout the entirety of the summer, including the CoBank Colorado Women's Open (May 29th-31st), the CoBank Colorado Open (July 25th-28th), and the CoBank Colorado Senior Open (August 28th-30th).  To reach the prestigious championship tournaments, there can be up to 5 qualifiers you must overcome, which take place in the same month as each tournament. The Colorado Open Golf Foundation proudly hosts the CoBank Colorado Open Championships annually to benefit the programming efforts of The First Tee of Green Valley Ranch  and has long been recognized as one of the best if not the best state opens in the country.

The Colorado Open Golf Foundation is a nonprofit corporation that was put together for the primary purpose of fostering and encouraging the sport of Golf in the state of Colorado through financial aid to educational programs aimed at developing the interest and ability of Colorado's youth in the sport of golf and those who conduct or support clinics and otherwise provide coaching instruction for Colorado's youth, and for the secondary purpose of advancing the charitable purpose of promoting sportsmanship, recreation and health in the state of Colorado. With that being said, we are proud to be the Official Automotive Partner.


While attending the championship tournaments, be sure to take a closer look at some of our 2019 vehicles!


Visit the GVR Golf Club website here.

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A Buyers Guide to the 2019 Q60

The Q60 is currently the only coupe model INFINITI has on offer, but with a vehicle this good, you don't really need more than one. As a coupe, the 2019 Q60 is smaller, lighter, and nimbler than the sedans INFINITI offers, but it offers the same kind of interior quality you'd expect from a luxury automaker. With modern materials, a strong engine, and high-tech features, the Q60 is an excellent option for anyone looking for sporty power combined with a luxury interior. Read on to learn more about the 2019 Q60.


INFINITI's innovation allows you to tap into 300 Horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque as soon as you touch the pedal. Additionally, there's the Red Sport 400, a trim that significantly upgrades the V-6 engine to make it produce 400 horsepower. Each model comes with a seven-speed automatic transmission, but you can shift manually using the paddle shifters available on the Sport and Red Sport models.


The engine isn't the only part of the Q60 that has fun. Rear-wheel drive comes standard, but all-wheel drive is available if you're willing to pay a little extra; you'll trade some fuel efficiency for much better traction on sharp corners and unpaved roads. You can also get adaptive steering and an adaptive suspension, and by using them, you can adjust how much response you feel from the road. This lets you drive in comfort one minute and switch to a responsive sporty feel the next.


The 2019 Q60 seats four, and as a coupe, it only has two doors and less space than INFINITI's sedan models. This also means it has a small trunk with 8.7 cubic feet of space for your stuff. Still, the seats it has are very comfortable and come in either leatherette or true leather upholstery. You also get a dual-zone automatic climate control system with a cabin air filter, and the intelligent Plasmacluster air purification system removes bad odors from outside while clearing out smells created inside.


The Q60's interior technology starts with a basic six-speaker audio system, but you don't need the highest trim to get the premium Bose 13-speaker audio system with streaming audio and satellite radio. Every trim comes with the InTouch dual display system, which gives you a 7-inch or 8-inch screen in the center console. Top trims also come with complimentary InTouch services for up to four years. These services are on top of SiriusXM's Traffic and Travel Link, both of which come with the available navigation system for four years.

The 2019 Q60 is a great example of what you can get from an INFINITI coupe. It combines strong, high-tech features with significant power and handling, plus you get a quiet interior filled with various soft-touch surfaces and quality materials. If you want a luxury coupe with a very reasonable price, consider test-driving a 2019 INFINITI Q60 at INFINITI OF DENVER. You may be surprised by how much this vehicle can do.

Image Via Flickr by wongwt

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5 Comfort Features You’ll Find in the 2019 INFINITI QX80

The new 2019 INFINITI QX80 elevates INFINITI's flagship SUV with even more luxurious touches that add to your comfort. Here, we list our five favorite features in the new 2019 QX80 that you won't want to miss.

  1. Uber-Comfortable Seating

With the 2019 INFINITI QX80's seat comforts, you'll never want to get out of the car. The ten-way power driver's seat, which has two-way lumbar support, comes standard. Heated front seats come standard on LUXE trim level, and heated and cooled front seats are standard on the brand-new QX80 LIMITED. For the passengers in your life, the second row features captain's chairs built with tip-up easy entry for the third row.

  1. Passenger Entertainment System

An available rear entertainment system is built around large, 8-inch high-resolution screens on the backs of the front seats. Ultra Resolution Technology, 960 x 540-pixel resolution, and a 16:9 screen ratio deliver a crystal-clear image. Front-row passengers have full control over the entertainment system so you can keep tabs on your kids.

Front-row passengers can lock the rear-seat remote control, turn displays off and on, play and pause content, and select audio sources. And if you need blissful silence, the driver and front passenger can also mute every audio source in the cabin.

  1. Smart Key Driver Settings

You won't have to spend several minutes adjusting the seat and temperature every time you get in the car with saved smart key settings. INFINITI's InTouch system, combined with the QX80's smart key, stores over 200 settings for two different drivers, including seat positions, climate control pre-sets, navigation settings, and infotainment system configuration. The vehicle adjusts automatically when either of the two smart keys is detected.

  1. Plenty of Interior Space

Tons of seat and cargo space means that everyone will be comfortable, even when the whole family is in the car. The 2019 INFINITI QX80 features ample seating capacity for seven passengers, with available eight-passenger capacity. There's also room for everyone's belongings, including a large smartphone area in the center console, a storage area beneath the front passenger armrest, and a second-row console that provides additional space for storage of tablets and mobile devices.

When the third row of seats is folded down, there are 49.6 cubic feet of interior cargo capacity, which can fit a stroller stored lengthwise, four golf bags, or four large suitcases, all without impeding the driver's rear visibility.

  1. Gorgeous Interior Touches

The 2019 QX80's interior is designed for comfort, and it is easy on the eyes. The roomy cabin is enhanced by hand-crafted, finely tailored touches, including standard leather-appointed seating and available semi-aniline leather appointment with color-contrast piping. The 2019 LIMITED trim level features a Graphite/Stone upholstered interior with matte silver open-pore Ash wood accents, an Ultrasuede roof liner, and two-tone semi-aniline leather Alcantara seats. Choose from a variety of luxurious interior trims, including the standard Stratford Burl gloss wood trim, and dark brown Espresso Burl trim in Graphite leather models.

Stop by INFINITI of Denver to see the new 2019 INFINITI QX80 in person.

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3 Reasons Why the 2019 INFINITI QX50 is Perfect for Families with Teens

3 Reasons Why the 2019 INFINITI QX50 is Perfect for Families with TeensWhen you're looking for your next car, you want a vehicle that will keep everyone in the family comfortable.  This can seem challenging for a family with teenagers. However, INFINITI has a solution: the 2019 QX50.

  1. ProPilot Assist

INFINITI's core safety system is a must for families with teen drivers. This umbrella system combines many essential elements. If you travel on single lane roads, your QX50 takes over the acceleration, braking, and steering and will not allow your teen to pass.

Add the ProPilot suite, and you'll get automatic braking for both the front and rear brakes. You can also add a lane departure warning system, giving your new driver an extra set of eyes on the road. There is also a forward collision warning system to help your teen avoid crashes. Another feature that you can add to the safety suite is automatic high beams. These light-sensitive high beams turn on or off depending on if you are around other drivers. This feature helps your teen to learn how avoid blinding other drivers.

As parents, this package of safety features allows you to relax because you know your teen will have the help he or she needs to handle anything on the road. When you're in the driver's seat, you can also take advantage of the suite of safety devices during your commute or if you are a carpool driver for younger children to school.

  1. Heads Up Display

The heads up display is another safety feature that is built to help focus wandering eyes. INFINITI has designed a system that projects essential information, like your speed and turn-by-turn navigation, from your dashboard to the lower part of your windshield.

As parents, this display will give you peace of mind since you'll know that your teenager's eyes will not wander while they're driving.  As a driver, you can also benefit from this information as you won't have to worry about losing your concentration on the open road or your crowded daily commute.

  1. SiriusXM Travel Link

The SiriusXM Travel Link is available in the Pure, Luxe, and Essential models to ensure that all drivers have access to it. Without taking his or her hands off the wheel, your teenager can search for the lowest gas prices or closest restaurant. This feature helps them stay focused on the road while planning their next move without waiting until the last second.

As parents, when you are driving, you can check the stock market or the game without taking your hands off the wheel to fiddle with the radio. However, it's important to note that this service is a four-year trial product with the vehicle. After the trial period is over, you can purchase the service for longer if you still own the car.

Are you ready to look for your next QX50? Stop by and see the sales team at Infiniti of Denver today. We look forward to finding the perfect car for you.

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Luxury Features You Can Expect to See With the 2019 QX80

Luxury Features You Can Expect to See With the 2019 QX80 | INFINITI OF DENVERThe 2019 INFINITI QX80 has a Starting MSRP of $65,100, pushing it within the budget of lavish spenders who don't mind splurging on luxurious accessories. Here's a closer look at everything big and bold you can find in the all-new QX80 SUV.


Once you discover the Luxe trim's standard features like integrated LED lighting, a tinted glass moonroof, and power rear liftgate, you may consider settling right then and there. Once you get a look at the Limited trim and its even sportier features, you just might change your mind. This top trim opts for bigger aluminum-alloy wheels, satin chrome accents, and signature Limited badging on the rear hatch.


The 2019 INFINITI QX80 can produce up to 400 horsepower and 413 pound-feet of torque via a 5.6-liter 32-valve V-8 engine. Add in dry-coated pistons, direct injection, and continuously variable valve timing, and you have an engine blueprint that's got power to spare.

The electronically controlled seven-speed automatic transmission does well for itself. You'll certainly feel the heightened performance flowing from this SUV's four-wheel active brake limited-slip differential and adaptive shift control, ideal for downshift rev matching.


You'll feel right at home inside the QX80 thanks to ample hip, shoulder, and headroom. Additionally, the 152.5 cubic feet of guest volume and 95.1 cubic feet of available storage space make it easy to meet your diverse passenger and cargo needs. Comfort is further enhanced thanks to a lumbar-supported power driver's seat, second-row captain's chairs, and reclining third-row seats.

You also won't have to struggle to see things when you find yourself surrounded by dim lighting. The QX80 boasts a set of dual overhead front map lights and rear lights so you can stay on top of your reading no matter the time of day.


What more could you ask for from a luxury vehicle that has a 13-speaker Bose sound system, SiriusXM satellite radio, and an 8-inch InTouch infotainment hub? How about the Limited's Bose cabin surround-sound system with 15 speakers and convenient wireless headphones for music, movies, and game entertainment?


INFINITI didn't forget to stock the 2019 QX80 with a few brilliant features. These include an Around View Monitor with moving object detection, side-impact supplemental air bags, and forward emergency braking with pedestrian detection.

The Limited further impresses with a set of active safety systems, including backup collision intervention, intelligent cruise control, and lane departure warning. These features make it easy to get from point A to point B without getting into a fender bender. We're sure you'll agree the higher price of the Limited is worth it to ensure the safety of your passengers and yourself.

Are you currently shopping for a new luxury vehicle but aren't quite certain what model or brand suits you best? It can seem like a daunting task test driving SUVs that just don't feel right for you, but taking the 2019 INFINITI QX80 out for a spin might be just what you need.

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