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INFINITI OF DENVER’s Valet Program is making National News

INFINITI OF DENVER's pickup and delivery program for service customers has gained national attention from Automotive News this week. What began as a way to add value and convenience for their customers, has become wildly successful for this family-run dealership.

INFINITI OF DENVER launched Home By INFINITI OF DENVER in June 2020. Customers who use the complimentary valet program are more likely to get their safety issues fixed instead of putting them off for the next visit due to time constraints. They never have to step into the dealership, putting time back into their day.

INFINITI OF DENVER will pick up a customer's vehicle, service the vehicle and return the vehicle when service is complete. The service department can leave a loaner vehicle, but approximately 30% of the customers using the program don't need a loaner as most services can be completed in a day.

Although it is expensive & challenging for INFINITI OF DENVER, they believe it is the right thing to do for their luxury customers. The dealership is running about 19 valets a day servicing customer throughout the Colorado front range.

"The secret is out to INFINITI owners in Colorado as we have seen a tremendous success with Home By INFINITI OF DENVER. It is amazing how much our customers have embraced the program," said Chris Smith,owner.

If you haven't experienced our complimentary valet program, you can call INFINITI OF DENVER at 303-671-6000 or book online here. Learn more about Infiniti vehicles here!

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INFINITI OF DENVER Named Carfax Top-Rated Dealer Three Years In a Row

Customers Love INFINITI of Denver Based on Verified Customer Ratings.

INFINITI of Denver is being recognized in the third annual CARFAX Top-Rated Dealer Program. The 2021 CARFAX Top-Rated Dealers received an average of 4.6 stars, out of a possible five. This elite group of dealers is being celebrated for their exceptional customer service. This is the 3rd time INFINITI OF DENVER has received this award.

“CARFAX has nearly 3.3 million verified customer ratings and reviews,” said Gregg Cleary, CARFAX Vice President of Dealer Business. “This isn’t an ‘everyone gets a trophy situation’; we are recognizing truly the best of the best when it comes to remarkable service and customer care. These dealers were selected based solely on verified reviews from their actual customers.”

"We are proud our Service & Sales teams. They are what make INFINITI OF DENVER the best. This is a great accomplishment each year for the last 3 years." said Chris Smith, INFINITI OF DENVER Owner/Dealer-Principal.

You can look for INFINITI of Denver's 2021 CARFAX Top-Rated Dealer recognition on the CARFAX Vehicle History Reports they provide to their customers

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How Important is a Master Technician at Your Service Center?

The question should be, how comfortable are you trusting someone newly out of mechanic school using your luxury car as a learning experience?  It is essential to insist only a skilled ASE technician work on your vehicle.

While most dealers have 1 or 2 Master Technicians in their shop, INFINITI OF DENVER has 7 Certified Master Technicians, the most in Colorado, with over 140+ years of combined experience.  Why trust anything less for your vehicle’s care?  You wouldn’t see a medical student if you were sick, nor should your car.

A master technician is an automotive service professional who has earned all nine certifications offered through the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Program.  These areas of certification include electric systems, heating and air conditioning, engine performance, engine repair, transaxles, brakes & suspension, electrical systems and more.  All of our master technicians are also INFINITI Master Certified.  An INFINITI Master Technician means he has taken all the INFINITI brand specific training from the manufacturer to be a specialist with INFINITI maintenance and repairs.

There is a reason not all technicians are ASE-certified.   The exam is costly, time consuming & extremely challenging.  One third of test takers fail the test the first time they take it and it can take over 2 years to complete.  Once a technician does pass the tests and achieves ASE-certification, he must retest every five years to stayed abreast of changing technology.  Learn more about our Service Team here.

The fact a technician has spent the time & expense to further his education indicates he is serious about his trade. Simply put, ASE certification means you can be certain you are trusting your vehicle with a dealership who are experienced, knowledgeable repair experts.  



Come experience the difference with INFINITI OF DENVER.  Schedule your service today.

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INFINITI Owner Celebration Event



At INFINITI OF DENVER, we’re driven by one thing: our drivers. That’s why we’re pleased to be celebrating everyone exploring the Infinite Road with the INFINITI Owner Celebration Event – featuring incentives and rewards offers for INFINITI owners both new and life-long.

When you purchase an INFINITI, you are guaranteed a luxury vehicle from an award-winning brand. You will have already noticed the gorgeous, sleek exterior, settled into the spacious and comfortable cab, and felt the smooth, exhilarating performance that can only come from the horsepower, acceleration and torque that INFINITI promises with every model. But did you know that you will also receive a range of deals just for joining the INFINITI family?

The INFINITI Owner Celebration Event is an opportunity for us to celebrate the new additions and life-long members of our INFINITI family. When you purchase a new 2020 or 2021 INFINITI vehicle, you will receive some exclusive new owner welcome specials through the whole month of March.

Join in the INFINITI Owner Celebration Event with the purchase of any new 2020 or 2021 INFINITI vehicle and enjoy:

INFINITI Owner Celebration Event



Looking for more reasons for why you should buy an INFINITI? These benefits are limited to our INFINITI Owner Celebration Event which expires 3/31/2021, but with every INFINITI vehicle, you will also receive INFINITI’s extensive warranty coverage for peace of mind. Plus, every INFINITI purchase includes the Total Ownership Experience, a comprehensive program full of premium services and coverage, including Trip Interruption Benefits and 24-hour Roadside Assistance, to make sure your INFINITI maintains its standards of luxury.

Contact INFINITI OF DENVER to see how you can take advantage of these offers that are exclusive to the INFINITI Owner Celebration Event!


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INFINITI OF DENVER Receives CARFAX Top-Rated Service Award

CARFAX, the web-based supplier of detailed vehicle history reports has introduced the new CARFAX Top-Rated Dealer Award for the 2019 sales year that celebrates the commitment dealers make to providing exceptional customer service and an unparalleled vehicle buying experience. INFINITI OF DENVER is one of the proud recipients of this award, which is in its inaugural year at CARFAX, and we owe it all to our fantastic customers. Awarded dealers received an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars on their ratings, meaning that each CARFAX trusted dealer has been diligent in building customer confidence in their brands and exceeding expectations throughout the year.

To determine the CARFAX Top-Rated Dealer award winners, CARFAX based their data on over a million individual verified reviews from real customers who have shopped with the brands. This is something we take seriously at INFINITI OF DENVER because it is thanks to our own customer reviews that we were considered for this recognition.

CARFAX has been deemed a trusted, reliable source for vehicle history reports since 1984 and has poured its energy into providing used car listings, car care tips, and history-based value calculations on top of their well-known history reports. The fact that CARFAX owns the world’s largest database in terms of vehicle history makes them a big player and one that is trusted by many countries to be the number one resource when purchasing a used vehicle.

Being recognized with the CARFAX Top-Rated Service Award is a great honor and showcases the effort that INFINITI OF DENVER has put into ensuring a smooth, painless vehicle servicing experience for our customers over the years. This means building a team with the right people who are passionate about INFINITI vehicles and dedicated to sharing their knowledge with our customers.

Part of this standard comes from the time spent on researching and developing new ways to serve our customers better. The launch of our HOME by INFINITI OF DENVER service provides our customers with complimentary valet pickup and delivery anywhere in the Denver metropolitan area. Regardless of where you bought your INFINITI, our service includes a complimentary INFINITI loaner car to use while your vehicle is being serviced, as well as a complimentary wash, sanitization, and vacuum of your vehicle before it is returned to you. It’s ideas like these that help us continue to provide unmatched service and make owning an INFINITI that much better.


We also owe a lot of gratitude to our master technicians who make up our trusted service department. Our team of ASE certified experts has put the time and effort into their training to become masters of the INFINITI brand and their knowledge has led to increased trust from our customers when they leave their vehicles in our care. Their dedication to providing high-quality repairs and routine maintenance has made an impact on our community that has led INFINITI OF DENVER to become the number one shop for many INFINITI owners in the Denver area, and it’s a big reason why we were voted to be a CARFAX trusted dealer.

In 2020 and beyond, customers shopping for new vehicles and seeking maintenance on their current vehicles can now identify shops that carry the CARFAX Top-Rated Dealer status. The goal is to help customers make educated decisions about the way their vehicles are purchased and maintained and to encourage them to do business with dealers and shops that have a proven track record of going the extra mile for their customers.

We’re constantly looking for new ways to improve your vehicle purchasing and service experience, and our commitment is to never stop striving for more. We’re a CARFAX trusted dealer because we recognize that our customers are the most important component of our business, and we will always put your first. If you’re in the process of shopping for a new vehicle or are seeking a full-service shop to maintain your current INFINITI model, we invite you to get in touch with one of our dedicated team members who can show you why INFINITI OF DENVER was given the 2019 CARFAX Top-Rated Dealer award. Set an appointment today by completing our online scheduling form or by calling us directly.


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Preparing Your Car for a Road Trip

Prepare your car for a road tripLet’s face it, staying indoors for months on end can make even the best of us become a little stir-crazy. As many regions push to get back to normal after the lengthy span of the COVID-19 pandemic, road trips have become a popular choice for those seeking a safer adventure than traditional travel options such as airplanes or public transit.

But before you decide who’s in charge of snacks and music, there are a few road trip tips you’ll want to consider. When preparing your car for a road trip, you should ensure that certain things are taken care of before you head out so you, your family, and your car stay safe as you trek across the country.


Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

There are many small services and checks that you can perform right at home or in your driveway. They may be small but can save you a lot of hassle once you are on your way.

  • Check your tire pressure and tread. The last thing you want is to blow a tire on the highway. If you have sufficient tire tread, make sure that the pressure levels are set to the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Check your oil level. Low oil can create problems within your engine as moving parts won’t have the proper lubrication. You can top it off if it’s a little low, but you may need to consider having a technician complete an oil and filter change instead.
  • Top off your washer fluid. As the warmer weather comes, so do the bugs. Make sure your washer fluid reservoir is full and carry extra fluid in case you need to top off while on the road.
  • Check your lights. Blown bulbs make it difficult for you to see, and more importantly, they make it difficult for others to see you. Check all lights and signals to make sure you’ll remain visible.


Road Trip Preparation That You Should Leave to Your Local Service Technician

While some of the obvious checks can be completed at home, there are a number of services that you’ll want to have a certified technician perform to ensure that your vehicle is in roadworthy condition and all components are working properly.

  • Oil change. A certified technician can ensure that your engine oil and oil filter are changed properly and that the right type and correct amount of oil is used. At INFINITI OF DENVER, we also conduct a complementary 27-point inspection with every oil change.  This way you know for certain that your car is ready for your road trip.
  • Check engine light. If you have error codes that are causing lights to illuminate on your instrument panel, a technician can scan your vehicle’s computer to diagnose the codes and prevent further problems.
  • Brake pad replacement. You might have the urge to hit the road without stopping, but you’ll need to physically stop at some point! If your pads are worn, a technician should replace them to provide you with adequate stopping power.
  • Scheduled maintenance. Be sure to have your technician complete any maintenance items that are due, or that will become due before you return. This helps you save on future repair costs.


INFINITI OF DENVER Can Get You Ready for the Road

At INFINITI OF DENVER, our team of certified technicians knows just what your vehicle needs to provide safe and reliable transport during your next road trip. We’re committed to providing you with car service for long trip durations to make sure that you get where you’re going without a breakdown. Complete your pre trip car checkup with INFINITI OF DENVER to receive unparalleled service and peace of mind when preparing your car for your upcoming road trip. Drop your car off at the dealership, or we will pick it up from your home! Follow these road trip tips and schedule an appointment online with us today to prepare your car for the open road.

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Spring Cleaning & Car Maintenance

Colorado's springtime in the Rockies means skiing in the mountains while smelling the start of the world-famous wildflowers. It's a fresh start after a snowy winter, for you, your home, and your car!

Note that spring begins a day earlier this year, starting March 19th and ending June 20th. It's the perfect time for outdoor play and an even more perfect time for spring cleaning. After a season of white snow blankets the state for three months, springtime brings out the “color” in Colorado. It's time to clean out your closets, freshen up your interior design with a splash of new color, organize your garage, aerate your lawns, and prep your gardens – but don’t forget about spring car maintenance!

Spring Car Detailing in Denver

Before you decide to stretch out your spring wheels, think about these tips to get your vehicle mechanically and aesthetically road-worthy:

  1. Check your car's vitals. That means all the tires, the brakes, and the elements under the hood. Winter's notoriously hard on the underbelly of your vehicle, so make sure that you also get it checked for salt damage.
  2. Get your vehicle detailed. It's no fun pilfering through old water bottles and sandwich wraps from last fall. Treat car maintenance like you spring clean your home. First you pick up the mess. Then INFINITI OF DENVER comes in for top-tier car detailing in Denver.

Spring Car Maintenance Checklist

When we say check your car's vitals, we mean the mechanicals, the brakes and the fluids that make your car hum. After a long winter, you need to address these maintenance items before heading out into the spring thaw.

  • Check tire pressure.
  • Check the battery.
  • Check or change the oil.
  • Check the belts and windshield wiper fluid.
  • Top off any other fluids or change them.
  • Get your brakes checked.

You can bring your car to INFINITI OF DENVER where our service team will make sure that it's running safe and sound. That's important whether your road trip is across town or up the mountain pass for a weekend of skiing.


For the most comprehensive car detailing in town, INFINITI OF DENVER addresses the whole vehicle from the inside to the outside. We will take care of your upholstery to remove out the winter stains and dirt with comprehensive vacuuming and shampooing. We clean the dash, the steering wheel, the center console, the interior windows and mirrors.

For the exterior, we do far more than your local drive-through car wash. We'll get rid of the winter salt, dirt and grime. Detailing the wheels includes scrubbing around the lug nuts and brake calipers. Then your car's paintwork gets polished and waxed. The exterior windows and mirrors are cleaned, and the entire car dried so that it looks like new. We address the undercarriage, the wheels, and the complete exterior so your vehicle looks like it’s ready for spring.


Contact us if we can help you get on your road trip sooner than later this season. We wish everyone a safe and happy spring.

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INFINITI OF DENVER Safety Precautions for COVID-19

So you can still find luxury from home!

With the spread of COVID-10, we are facing new challenges and responsibilities in health and safety. To reduce the risk of infection and transmission in our workplace and in interactions with our clients, INFINITI OF DENVER is following the recommendations published by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention and doing everything in our power to ensure your safety.

However, we also know that life doesn’t stop moving forward, and because of that, we are going above and beyond to make sure you still get the service you need despite these challenging times.


On-Site Precautions:

  • Our employees will be staying home if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms, respiratory illness, fever, cough or shortness of breath.
  • We are educating our employees about precautions they can take to prevent the spread of this disease, including avoiding touching face, eyes, nose and mouth as much as possible and washing hands frequently.
  • Hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, tissues, soap and water are maintained in our workplace.
  • Common areas and surfaces are being kept clean, and we are sanitizing the steering wheel, center console, turn signals, wiper stock and door panels of each vehicle during our complimentary car wash.

Vehicle Service Precautions:

  • We are OPEN regular business hours in our Service and Parts Departments.  We are open Monday-Friday 7am-6pm and Saturday 8am-5pm to service your vehicles
  • We will increase our loaner fleet to assist with customers in service during this time.
  • We are offering  pick up and delivery of  your vehicles to service them.
  • We follow each vehicle service appointment and delivery with comprehensive sanitizing processes to eliminate contamination between driver transitions.

Vehicle Purchase Precautions:

Our sales department is preparing to reopen our showroom on Saturday, May 9th with guidelines from the Tri-County Health.  We are approaching this situation with a high level of respect and caution.

  • We will be practicing social distancing.  Access to hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, masks & gloves will be available
  • We have a scheduled daily cleaning & additionally, we will be cleaning offices after a customer has left.
  • We will still be conducting customer self test drives.
  • To limit exposure, we ask that you do not bring additional guests to your appointments unless absolutely necessary.
  • We encourage scheduling your appointment so we can have the car sanitized and ready for you to see.
  • Masks are recommended.  If you need one, please let your sales person know.

If you will still like to shop & buy from home, we do have the INFINITI OF DENVER Car ON-Demand Concierge Program.  Shop On-Line or by Phone with free home delivery anywhere in Colorado.  Call us today at 303-671-6000

IFS Customer Assistance:

We understand the uncertainty created by the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis and want our retailers to be aware of the assistance we are implementing for IFS customers who may be impacted.

  • Customer Communications
    The following announcement is now available on
    “We’re here to help. If you are affected by the COVID-19 virus or the TN tornadoes and need assistance with your IFS account, please call 1-800-627-4437 or chat with an online representative.”
  • Customer Payment Assistance
    Customers who need assistance should contact IFS at the phone number above to discuss their options. Customer Service will offer payment extensions allowing retail and lease customers to defer their payment(s) based on each customer’s current situations. Please note that wait times for an agent can be longer than expected due to the high volume of calls.
  • 90-Day Delayed Payment Option for New Special APR Customers & CPO Vehicles
    To lend additional support during this period, IFS is offering a Special 90-Day Delayed Payment Option to qualified customers who purchase any new INFINITI financed with Special APR or Retailer Choice APR. Maximum term is 72 months.   Please see bulletin 20-8-0160 for complete program rules.  IFS is also offering to qualified customers who purchase any Certified Pre-Owned INFINITI financing with CPO Special APR.
  • INFINITI just announced a FLEXIBLE LEASE BONUS: No Payment for up to 90-days/3months

Please call as at 301-671-6000 to make arrangements. We hope this will soon pass and our goal is to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy.

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Why to Get Your Oil Changed at the Dealership

Oil Change at the DealershipYou’re driving your vehicle and realize that it’s been about three months since your last oil change. You love your car and you know that quality maintenance means a safer and better performing vehicle. But out of the corner of your eye, you see the sign for drive-thru oil changes.

Don’t fall for a hasty service with subpar quality that will ultimately cost you as much if not more than oil change at a dealership.



INFINITI OF DENVER cares about our customers. That’s why we have compiled a list of the top reasons why you should get an oil change at a dealership instead.

  1. Quality Oil Filters Designed for your Make and Model. Your vehicle is a performance machine, and it requires performance parts. INFINITI makes factory OEM parts with perfectly tailored components to ensure your vehicle continually performs at the upper end of the spectrum. Specifically tuned for factory performance, you can drive comfortably knowing your filters have the correct pressure release valve and filtering agent to keep your engine running to expectations.
  2. High Standard Synthetic Oil. INFINITI OF DENVER uses only synthetic oil. Your engine will last longer with synthetic oil than the conventional style that is derived directly from crude oil sources. Your vehicle will continue to ride smooth and deliver the power you have come to trust with added lubricants to keep parts moving fluidly, especially at higher temperatures. This will decrease wear and could increase the life of your engine.
  3. Multi-point Inspections. INFINITI OF DENVER knows your car almost as well as you, and what it takes to keep it in top form. Ongoing dealership service does not stop at an oil change, so INFINITI OF DENVER will make sure to take care of your whole vehicle. The multi-point inspection that comes standard with your visit includes checking fluids, drive belts, exhaust systems, and much more. Your car will also come back spotless with a complimentary wash and vacuum after every service.
  4. Feel Comfortable, not Crowded. While you wait, pass the time in the same standards of comfort you should expect from INFINITI. Wi-Fi and charging stations, the use of complimentary iPads and a play area for the little ones will keep the experience feeling anything like a chore. The waiting room is even dog friendly. You will also have access to premium beverages and snacks will your car is being put through the paces.
  5. Competitive Pricing. Dealerships want your business and are well versed in understanding your INFINITI. We are passionate about our brand, and even if you don’t have an INFINITI vehicle, we maintain records of your auto’s service lifespan. There is almost always a coupon on our website to off-set additional costs, and in the long-run the proactive inspections and the quality service could save you costly repairs in the future.
  6. Experienced and Compassionate Service Team. INFINITI OF DENVER has over 85 years of experience serving the greater Denver area. With seven Master Technicians and nine Automotive Service Excellence Technicians, you know your INFINITI is in the right hands. Keep your INFINITI running as if you were taking it off the showroom floor for the first time by setting your dealership oil change appointment.

Oil change CTA

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The Next Generation at INFINITI OF DENVER

Joe Walter has been a part of our family at INFINITI OF DENVER for just over 23 years. 2 years ago, his son Max Walter started his trainee technician position working directly next to his father in our service drive, following in his dads footsteps. Working side by side each day, they both ensure our customers leave as happy as can be with their vehicles using their smart, careful approach. Joe has been a leading driver in the success of our service department and we are so happy he wants to continue his legacy he has made here onto his son. We wanted to ask them both a few questions about their time here and what makes working alongside your family member so special.

Q: How long have you both been with INFINITI OF DENVER?

J: Just over 23 years.

M: 2 years.

Q: Joe, what do you plan to teach your son about the business and pass onto him?

J: Since everything has changed so much in this business since I first started, I essentially want to teach him to stay current and constantly do research to teach himself new things. With all of the modern technology in the new cars these days, it's definitely important to be able to compete.

Q: Max, what is it like working with your dad? Do you have a favorite part about working here?

M: I actually really enjoy working with my dad. He's very knowledgeable from being in the business for so long and being so good at his job, so I learn a lot from him every day. My favorite part about working here would have to be learning new things every single day.

Q: Joe, do you want to talk about some of your accomplishments at INFINITI OF DENVER? Do you have a favorite part about working here?

J: During my 23 years here, I became Master ASE and INFINITI Technician, and Shop Foreman. My favorite part about working here would definitely have to be the satisfaction of making someones vehicle better.

Q: Max, what made you want to work for INFINITI OF DENVER?

M: It was the best opportunity for me, especially since my dad has been here for so long.


"It has been a fast and amazing 23 years at INFINITI OF DENVER!"

Joe Walter


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